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No comments, lol!

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LOL...In best case you might get away with a broken leg as it looks like the balcony is just one floor up.. LOL....
Now I'm being a spoil, but I actually think it's not as unsafe as it looks. The "scissor-construction" is not for bearing but for stabilization of the bearing timber. Anyway, great puzzle Katerina! :-))

I'm thinking they must know something we don't know?? LOL it's intriguing, the best is yet to come!! tiem 6:26


It's funny how they support the balcony to keep it from falling :))))


I'll comment!!! From the condition of the 2 buildings next to this main building, it appears they are restoring them one by one!!! Would love to see this
one when it's completed. Thanks Kat!!! ;)
(time, 6:33)


Not commenting, just a lol!