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Oxford Terrace baptist Church after the Earthquake.

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Thanks David, you are right!


(it's like the world is tied together by both - solidity and fragility)

(thanks for the posts)


Thanks Emmasmom, Not really,there was one side of the church which was an addition and strangely it was not affected. It's a supper room so people can go there for morning teas etc. Other than that the church meet in a school hall. My brother Peter and his family are members of OTBC, he said so many people are waiting to hear whether or not they can rebuild.

In an interesting note, opposite the church is the Avon River, and down on the bank there are iron girders which came from 'Ground Zero'. It is a cnstant reminder to all who see and understand the significance of the girders. I have seen it twice now, when I fly down to see our Peter. They have a bit of America there at their doorstep, so to speak.

Thanks for your message - Phyllis

It is sad to see the before and after of this church. I hope in the last year there has been some success in the reconstruction.