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Balloons and Birds

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Hope this isn't gloomy. I tried to make a happy puzzle for you, one to make you smile. :-))


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Well, that is great to know Kathy. I thought it was because some things are a bit awkward to discuss in an open forum, so I was thinking perhaps that was it. You will know if I'm overwhelmed when I do not answer of answer with few words. Those who have been conversing with me over time have learned to bear with me and will keep checking a site until they do hear from me and understand. Don't worry or ever feel responsible when I go downhill. A change in the weather can be responsible. I've long ago given up why I feel bad , because there are way too many variables. I figure I should live life as normally as possible, and Jigidi is least to those of us who participate.

Do you still have any reservations or was I understanding you correctly??


My dear Judy, I just know that things can get overwhelming at times and simply did not want to add any pressure to your life. That is what I meant below LOL I don't always go back and check on comments that I have made unless I remember asking a particular question. I do try to respond to comments left on my puzzles but at times mess up royally there too. I will admit to being scatterbraind LOL LOL LOL Sitting here thinking that maybe I should change my avatar name to Scatterbrain LOL LOL LOL I will leave it at Hummingbird though as they are flit from thing to thing LOL Hummingbird sounds so much better than Scatterbrain too LOL LOL LOL


Kathy, of course I understand all of what you are saying. I still feel you can write; it has nothing to do with spelling and typing. I'm sure the Lord knows what He is doing in your life and has chosen to allow you to minister to me when I really needed it. Thank you so much. I'm comfortable sharing at whatever level is comfortable to you and will understand what you are implying in future comments. My life is an open book, so I don't mind going on and on. Hope I haven't made you feel a bit uncomfortable, because you are so very kind to me. Just let me know you are there from time to time, and I will be thrilled to hear from you. Thanks for all you've said and done, especially knowing who is the driving force for both of our lives.


Heavens no, I am not a writer LOL I can not spell worth a toot and my typing is atrocious. I usually don't comment on puzzles like I did with yours. Not sure why I felt lead to do it this time? But I did. The Lord works in mysterious ways is the best that I can think of. I am going to leave it at that. I also know that you must take this time to take care of yourself. It is indeed a necessary thing!!!!!! Like I said, I am not usually one to go into depth. To help both of us out and let me just make this one reply here. That way you won't feel any pressure to respond to our other comments and thoughts that we have exchanged with each other, ok? Let's just say that we share some of the same beliefs and I think all will be understood? Will that be ok with you????


Kathy, I do believe you have a gift with words. You make this sound like a masterpiece. Of course, if it represents God's creation, it is nothing short of spectacular. However, it was made with human hands that cannot begin to capture His beauty. You are welcome to comment on my puzzles any time. Wow!! You make them sound so, so , well, perfect. I do believe you are a writer. If not, you should be. Are you? Thank you for your wonderful comment. I just finished responding to the one re. the Boston Marathon. Thank you again and again!


Drawn to this one too!!!!! I see no gloom. Serenity and freedom come to mind. The birds so graceful, the sun with a warm, wholesome, endearing, relaxing glow. All is peaceful. The inner frame reflects the suns glow. The balloons ......dressed in their finest and their strings an adornment carried so beautifully and proudly toward the sky. Kinda reminds me of a sunset at the beach showcasing the beauty God has given us to gaze upon.


Cindy, that sounds yummy and is a great kids' project. What a great idea. You should sell them at a craft fair. I bet the kids love deciding what to roll them in. Reminds me of going to get ice cream and picking the toppings, but I hope you don't supply quite so many. It's confusing. Are you still smiling?


Wendy, to be honest, sometimes I feel like a particular puzzle I've made reminds me of yours, so I'm not surprised you like it. I think our colors and styles go in many different directions; sometimes we like bold and bright, and sometimes subdued. Once I did the blend on the background and made the sun, it just begged for a foreground. I just never know what's going to come out until it's done. Thanks and I'm glad it made you peaceful. That's great to hear.


Hi, Judy. You already know by now that I think these puzzle is terrific. I LOVE the background colors and....well, all the colors. It has a quiet, peaceful affect on me. :-)

You're so correct! My daughter makes brownie or cookie dough , rolls them in a ball and chills them just a bit. Then she bakes them, inserts a small stick (no points on it),or a short, sturdy, straw. Then they are dipped into a simple sugar or frosting that has been thinned down. Then the kids roll in anything to decorate them! Fun and yummy!!!


Cindy, now I don't know you well, but where in the world do you see brownie cake snacks??? Does your daughter make spherical ones? That's a hoot!! I know what you mean by having things remind you of food, but in this puzzle? LOL. My creative days are sporatic because of health issues. Sorry!! I'll be posting my latest today or tomorrow. I'll keep smiling, but you must do the same. That is an order! While you're at it, have a good laugh. I hear it's good for your soul, heart, and/or health. You choose. :-))

This was fun! It made me think of the brownie cake snacks my daughter bakes on sticks! Then the kids decorate them with frosting and sprinkles, etc. They have fun and they taste yummy! Leave it to me to associate most things I see with food! Oh, well, can you tell I like to eat! So glad you're feeling a bit better ~~~ hope it continues! I have missed seeing new creations from you! Keep smiling!


Thank you, Kirsten. I think I have days when confidence wanes and comes through in my descriptions of the puzzle. I do like the majority of my creations, but then I start wondering if anyone else will. Should I stop including my concerns? Tell me straight, okay?

To be honest, I needed a break from the usual "happy" colors. I blended the toned-down colors for the background, and when I added the sun, it was a keeper. I was eager to try out my new fills, thus the balloons. Even they were muted a bit to fit the rest of the design. I thank you soooo much for enjoying the puzzle and for letting me know what you think. Take care my friend.


I concur with all my learned friends, Judy. This is not in the least bit gloomy. And I, for one, like the change of pace from the "pretty" colours. And it made me smile a lot. I hope that with time, you can trust in your ability to make beautiful images. We certainly do. :)))


Sally, the lady with the broom saw gloom that day. She whispered it in my ear, and, silly me, I listened. I'm glad it's not there and all is well with Jigidi World. Those never before seen patterns were part of the ones I made on the next puzzle, but as MOAC, I'm sure you discovered that already. Now for the birds. I do believe you have a happy mind/soul, cuz I was wondering which one they would pop first. Good thing I don't teach preschool. I'm glad you, as a lover of round things, had reason for multiple smiles. Joy, Joy, joy!!! Take very good care, my very good friend. Ooroo!!!


What gloom?? I don't see any gloom... Who sees gloom?? Only gloomy Guses see gloom...This is cheerful, fun and full of new, never before seen patterns on never before seen balloons... Happy birds trying to decide which delightful balloon to take home to their nest... Being addicted to round things this is a multi-smile puzzle for me... Thanks, Judy... :) :)


Edie, you are too funny. Those are NOT Easter eggs silly. LOL. At least you had fun solving it, so I don't feel slighted. I didn't anyway, but I'm not telling you that. :-))


Francine, I will try to keep posting, but it does depend on the day. I have one almost ready to post! I'm also interested in getting back to using my colored pencils and making cards, which means I probably won't make puzzles quite as often. My friend helped me organize my art supplies, so now they are more accessable. It's such a treat. However, I'm still trying to learn new techniques with the draw program, so hopefully I can be inspired by new ideas. Hope you are okay and aren't letting your weather, etc. get to you too much...cabin fever and all. I pray all is well and your absence from Jigidi is because you have other commitments. You are such a dear!!




Easter eggs growing on stems. A great idea. Thanks Judy, a fun one to solve.


Hi Judy, as Barb said, it's been a tough winter, but we've had worse ones. Hopefully snow will be gone in a month or so and yes, we're tired of it. I like to hibernate during the cold and don't step out as often as I should. Am not solving as many puzzles as I used to and some days, none at all. Keep on creating these lovelies for our enjoyment! :))


Francine, it's also very good to hear from you. I'm really glad you liked my puzzle and think it's cheerful, but I'm sorry you have no sun in Canada. Cold and windy is a dreadful combination, especially without sun, but I'm sure you get accustomed to it. Are you tired of the snow? Take care until we chat again. I miss you.


Barb, I'm a few hours east of you. No sun here - cold and windy - rooftops snow-covered again.


Eye-catching, Judy - not gloomy at all, quite cheerful and lovely. Thanks.
[Glad you're having a better day - wishing you an even better one tomorrow. :))... ]


Judy, I did the same thing recently, posted but forgot to hit 'post'. Just wanted to say that you mustn't worry about leaving a comment every time you solve a puzzle. I'm glad you are feeling better today. It's been a tough winter and hopefully spring will arrive soon. Sunny here but very cold. :-)


Barb, I did it again--left a comment without hitting the post button; I keep treating this like FB where one leaves a comment, hits enter, and that's that. Anyway, I appreciate your comment so very much, because when I solved it, the pieces seemed dull and gloomy just as I had feared, but once it was together, it looks much better. I am my worst critic, so thank you for your uplifting feedback, and I hope I don't come across as a whiner. I also did several of your puzzles but wasn't feeling good, so I didn't leave a comment on any even though I LOVE them. The last few days have been difficult, so I go into minimal mode, if that makes sense. Today is better. :-)) Glad you are enjoying sunshine in Toronto. We are having some nice weather too, and I do believe Spring is here. The trees are blooming, and they are so cheerful. You keep smiling...and creating!!

This is a happy puzzle.


There is nothing gloomy about this, Judy. It's a delightful picture and it's so nice to see the sun shining. both in the puzzle and here in Toronto. :-)


Sirenita, I looked at your profile and saw some beautiful fantasy pictures! Are you the artist, because they are extremely well done? I appreciate the comment you left me and am very glad it caused you to smile. Thanks so much!


I am smiling!! it is a beautiful picture!! thank you