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Juggling is a physical skill involving the manipulation of objects for recreation, entertainment or sport. The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling. Juggling can be the manipulation of one object or many objects at the same time, using one or many hands. Jugglers often refer to the objects they juggle as props. The most common props are balls or clubs or rings. Some jugglers use more dramatic objects such as knives, fire torches or chainsaws. The term juggling can also commonly refer to other prop-based manipulation skills such as diabolo, devil sticks, poi, cigar boxes, contact juggling, hooping, and hat manipulation. All these skills are forms of object manipulation.

The earliest record of juggling is suggested in a panel from the 15th Beni Hasan tomb of an unknown prince, showing female dancers and acrobats throwing balls. Juggling has been recorded in many early cultures including Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Aztec (Mexico) and Polynesian civilizations.

World Juggling Day was created as an annual day of recognition for the hobby, with the intent to teach people how to juggle, to promote juggling or for jugglers to get together and celebrate. Traditionally it is held on a Saturday in mid June.

If you want to know what I'm celebrating tomorrow, feel free to return to this page after 10pm (GMT - UK) when I will post a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle. 138


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I have that set of juggling balls too Edie!! I once saw a juggler with about 7 flaming torches, that was phenomenal... I've never seen chainsaws being juggled, and don't think I want to!! I'm glad I didn't give you the heebe geebies!!

I know Josie - when I saw it I thought of you, but just didn't know how to show it pictorially... we'll have to get Jigidi to include space for sound tracks!!! LOL


Mandy, 'Pig Caller Day' and you left that out, oh my, oh my. What to do, what to do.


I have those exact same coloured balls in the bottom row. I actually got pretty good using two but only managed three for a few seconds at a time. Never occurred to me that it would have it's own special day. Thanks for telling us Mandy, fun images, glad you didn't include chain saws, that always gave me the heebe geebies LOL


Thanks Barb , it's nice to know you found this one fun :~)

It is also Pig Caller's Day; Blood Type Awareness Day; Pop Goes the Weasel Day and National Flag Day!!! Sorry Josie, I can't do them all!!! However, I aim to use the one's that are relevant world wide so as not be exclude anyone - although sometimes a celebration is just too tempting for me to miss out!! But just for you....

Check out


I can't win for trying, but what happened to strawberry short cake day, it was on the news today. I was sure we would see strawberry short cake. Well I think I will just stick with my kitty. Thank you dear Mandy for 'juggling' your time to keep us entertained. Hugs.


Another fun WK puzzle, thanks, Mandy. I suspect most of us tried juggling when we were youngsters but like others, I never could get the hang of it. :-)))


I found the same Pat - I learnt with 2 apples and an orange, but never got proficient! It really is an art!

You're welcome Katie, I hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for another fun day to celebrate Mandy!


Thanks Mandy tried doing this when I was a kid... wasn't very good so gave it up...


Thanks Ardy - I had to include the clocks - time is the only semi successful juggling I manage!!! LOL


The clocks made me laugh, Mandy, for I think of all the ways we juggle time. You have provided another delightful Who Knew experience. I've tried some simple juggling at various times but have never been successful. Maybe because I have problems with spacial relationships. Thanks, Mandy.