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For those who haven't already read this anonymous Minnesota Diary... (Did you write this, Morris?)

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Thank you, everyone!!!


Wonderful. I stay in Friesland.




This is for madhat, I live in SE Idaho and the Island Park area has the all time record for lowest temp. in the lower 48 states, think it was a -65* F, not counting wind/chill factor; then up to the 100*'s in the summer. Most of southern Idaho is desert with 10% humidity so always watering, if you want something to live, that is. Lots of snow and wind and 80% mormon population.............Salt Lake City, Utah is only 50%.


Thanks, Roseheather. Aren't they wonderful?

Thanks Katzmum -- glad you enjoyed the story!


Ha ha!! Love it!!


The early April snowfall ... you and me both! Even the April snow that snapped a large branch from my flowering plum tree -- the one I most enjoy in the spring. ; )


Thank you, Morris, Snooker, & Roseheather! I enjoyed reading all your comments!

(I love winter too, even though come February I've generally had enough. But then when we get a gorgeous early April snowfall, I love it all over again.)


I think that some of the journalists at local stations in our area wrote it! I love winter, and get a bit disheartened when news people at out local stations only want snow for Christmas. Each locale has its pros and cons, and everyone has a favorite, I'm sure, as is true for every season.

Thanks for this, PLG. ; )

Spent 15 winters in MN and it was great as long as you wore a snowmobile suit and big heavy boots with liners and fur mitts every time you went outside for more than 5 minutes. :)


I think that every municipality with snow, has a plow driver like that. They are world wide!!!


LOL, ctf321!


That snow plow driver must have moved to Minnesota from Ohio.


Thanks, Robbie. :)


That is how Jenny felt in Cape Breton when we spent a Christmas there PLG! That is priceless, thanks.


Thank you again, Everyone. I'm so glad you all enjoyed this. I appreciate each and every comment!


:) One would move to MN because it is a beautiful state!


This is great Patti


That is priceless!
Thanks PLG

What a hoot! I've never read it before, either, and for sure it could fit the description of many states ( New England in general, like Maine!) Each area indeed has its pros & cons, as Morris said. thanks, Patti !


Thank you, everyone, for all your great comments. I enjoyed reading every one. :)


I had not read that before. Very funny! And yes, it does describe a lot of places. Thank you, PLG.


I really want to relocate to Southern Idaho but wonder what the cons are there. So far I can only "see" the pros. haha.


No I did not. It has been a few years since I saw that one though. Thanks for posting, it is a good one. I think I have seen it for Wisconsin and Illinois also,

Well said madhat, every place does have its pros and cons.


HAHAHAHAHAHA. That is so funny. We get similar letters from a friend who just moved with her husband to "heaven" (Florida). They bought the house 3 years ago and were there on vacations until recently when they moved permanently. Seems "heaven" is no so wonderful when she takes in the heat, bugs, rain, humidity, etc. Everyplace has it's wonderfulness and downside. Snow is wonderful when you don't have to get out and can sit inside and look at it.


This is hysterical! All I remember about Minnesota (I was there spring/summer) was all the huge potholes & messed up roads resulting from bad weather. However, wait till this person sees summer in Georgia! There will most certainly be many more entries about the blasted heat! That's about the only state I've been to that gets as hot as Texas.


Now now, Minnesota is really nice to stop by and enjoy the summer time and leave in the winter time.