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Potpourri142 - Tiny - darj

36 pieces
183 solves
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Thank you Willymon. Congratulations on 2:08!!! That's even better than me and I'm familiar with the puzzle, lol. Great job. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. :))


Fine puzzle Robyn, It was fun, there are thousend things in it and the colors are great 2:08 after 161 solves is very good for me,
Willy. :-)))


Why, thank you so very much, as usual, Miss Mimi. I'm always glad to see your comments waiting for me. :D ;) :))


Terrific as usual, my dear! I'm always glad when I see one of your tiny square puzzles waiting for me!


Thank you for your comments mayeye and jeanniegirl. So sorry it took you a long time jeanniegirl but I'm glad you managed to finish it. :))
Mayeye, I can understand how you would like seeing a lot of different patterns if you are a quilt maker. I'm glad you found the puzzle colourful. :))


Thought it would take me forever, but finally, very nice, thanks !

I am a quilt maker and enjoyed working this puzzle very much, all the fabric is so colorful.


You're most welcome, Josie. Nice to see you too. Hope all is well with you. :))


Hi Robyn, enjoyed this puzzle, and the colors, thank you.