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as MI's winter winds down, late afternoon in early March

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taken on 3/8/13, headed south on I-69


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Thank you, PLG and Elfie.

PLG, I can cope, and I am used to it. ; ) As my daughter said about herself recently, I need to find a way to express myself so it doesn't sound like I am grousing. ; )

We have had storms like that too, Elfie. Many interesting weather events, and ways it is delivered. ; )


Not much snow left now. We are having some but it is blown away the very moment it comes down. Thanks so very much roseheather!!


I hope it'll be different for you this year!


Thank you, PLG.

I am not looking forward to spring, but there will be a day, in the spring, when I think "oh, this is beautiful." I had too many illnesses in the spring in the past, so I approach this season with dread.


We still have quite a lot of snow, but it is finally starting to melt. I hope it will look like this soon! As much as I love winter, I'm ready for spring. I love all 4 seasons!