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Somewhere Over The Rainbow..... (Littlie)....

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147 solves
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Hello QORE.... So good to see you.... Tiny puzzles are a good way to start.... I mostly only do the small ones all the time.... That way I get to do more puzzles.... Great to have you back and puzzling.... Hugs dear friend.... :) :)


I'm only doing tiny puzzles right now so I can get to more of my friends, but I had to stop by and say hello to my dear RS!


You are welcome leet.... My pleasure.... :) :)


We could start a quartet... And take it on the road.... Las Vegas, New York... well..... maybe Tucumcari, NM or Slicklizzard, AL would let us sing.... We'd have the country smiling and laughing in no time, regardless of the economic malaise.... :) :)


Oh no Kansas!!! I once spent a night in a campground in May (Tornado month) in Kansas...There was a shelter near by 'in case of'.... but it wasn't very comforting to think 'there could be'.... Thanks for niftying it Mr 'O' .... :) :)

thanks for a beautiful puzzle!!

Great idea - we are all singing. :)


Careful not to click your heels, Sally, or you'll wind up in Kansas!

Nifty design, fun puzzle. Tnx.


Thank you Adriana.... Lots of bright color... Glad you liked it... :) :)


I enjoyed this one also thanks again


That would have been LOVELY, I can't sing either, the only thing I have in common with judy Garland, is when I stepped from the car on my wedding day, the photographer ask me if anyone had told me I looked like Judy Garland, ( in her hay day ) he added.


We could have sung a duet.... I was singing the same song.... Judy Garland would have a good laugh as I can't sing for quids.... Thanks mate.... :) :)


I could not help singing 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' as I solved your beautiful puzzle, this is really lovely, I love the way the colours sweep across, well done sally, Thank you.


You are so welcome Jill.... I'm so glad you enjoyed it... Looks like its working its way towards 2:30 in the AM for you.... Time for sleep dear one.... I've looked at the Bugman website... some gorgeous stuff there... With math formulas even.... Ewww!!! Hurt my head.... You and Shirley Bulbing and Brouting... Phew.... Make a girl's head spin.... Hugs.... :) :)


Magnifico!! The solve on this one was so much fun! This looks like a rainbow colored palmetto frond! Beautiful one, dear L! .... :-))