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Torcross, Slapton Ley and Slapton Sands, Devon. Photo by Tony Atkin

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Yes, Sue - I expect that's the reason they call it New England! :-) A month or two ago I posted a group of puzzles made from pictures I took in Ipswich (and nearby Salisbury) when I was visiting my friend in the autumn; you can search for them if you like. But I will be taking a lot more pictures once I'm up there for good!


When I see pictures of the states up the east coast I get the impression the scenery is very similar to ours. Don't blame you for moving up there it's going to be so much nicer and quieter for you and you know the winters are going to be harsh so you prepare for that. You must put some pictures of the area you are going to on Jigidi sometime. Thanks waxwing...Sue


Actually, Sue, it was New England that got the worst brunt of the storm. We got only 8" and did not have the high winds that they did. But if you live in New England, that's the kind of winter weather you can expect. Hopefully this summer I will be moving up there, to Ipswich, Massachusetts. I don't look forward to the winters up there, but the summers are beautiful - gorgeous rocky seacoasts and beaches and lush green countryside. It's a tradeoff, I suppose. But any season up there is better than being in a dirty city with few lawns or signs of nature. I'll be glad to get out of here!


And the list will get longer so you might have to make it a 10 year stay. I'm glad you're enjoying these puzzles and it's wetting your appetite for another trip. How are you waxwing, I saw the news yesterday and the awful amount of snow you got. Has it eased off now? Sue


Oh, I just love this place, Sue. Another to put on my 'must visit' list. All of your beautiful puzzles have made my list so long that I'll have to stay for about 5 years to see them all!


The climate can be hot in the summer, more or less the same as where I live. It can also get quite wet with heavy down pours and thunderstorms especially after a hot spell. I prefer Springtime for a holiday here. Thanks...Sue


a nice looking setting Sue - what is the climate like that far south during the summer months? Thanks!


It's a beautiful part of the country and I have had a few holidays near here and been to Slapton Sands. Thanks Denise...Sue


This is further up from the other beach picture. What a setting! Thanks sue