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Happy Birthday, Sachi/Tephanes/Sachico (April 22): Small

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22 solves
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Thank you, Laurajane, Rosie, and Magda. All of the images and kaleidos are new. I created them especially for Sachi. Two of her favorite colors are cobalt blue and gold. The items shown at the right 2nd row and bottom shell are two of the 3 things I used to make these images. The one where I wrote came from a Limoges tea set.


Lovely collection of your Kalaidos + photos. The person to whom this is adresses likes blue, I guess. And it is a beautiful shade of blue. thanks gail.


Gorgeous blue puzzle. Some of the kaliedos are new and you've added some beautiful pictures. I love the teapot and I can tell all of the kaliedos and angels came from that. Genius.


What a cool puzzle, Gail!