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The Light has dimmed for many families in Connecticut - In Remembrance


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Yes, Pumpkinhead, the "child" that perpetrated this horror was somehow lost.
Michelle, For decades I've advocated the development of a US Bill of Responsibilities. Our Bill of Rights is so vital to our nation but it's only half the foundation needed to build any society.


I can only agree. Thank you for posting this. We all, in every nation in the world, need to step up and take responsibility. (Michelle)


"It takes a community to raise a child."


Thanks for commenting JC.
I would never have a gun in my home but the idea that just more stringent gun control is the solution to this disease of murder in America, is naive.
The issue is the lack of focus we have, as a nation, in the care and teaching of our children. It can't be just the responsibility of the parents - many parents don't have the skills or ability to make a difference in their children's lives. And it isn't just the responsibility of our schools - they haven't the resources to improve not only the educational level for our children but their social skills, mental health issues and ethics as well. No, we need to reevaluate our priorities and as a whole society, take responsibility for our children's development - passing on to them the good, healthy and enjoyable concept of personal growth and responsibility.
It will take a great deal more resouces in time, money and commitment from all of us not only as a nation but as individuals in our homes, our businesses and our social and career organizations. As adults, the only solution to avoid more of these horrendous massacres is to build the national community that is required to raise a child.


Beautiful photo, Kate!
My heart breaks for the families!


Thanks for commenting. Yes, insanity in those who commit such senseless horrors and for our Nation which hasn't worked to improve conditions so these tragedies would not plague us all.


Makes me wonder what the world is coming to. Crazy people...