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Gradient Kaleido In Many Colors/Colours....

36 pieces
116 solves
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Thank you, Whattie.... I do enjoy the gradient effect too... Thanks to Francine and Shirley.... :) :)

Thanks, Snooker... It does have all the colours covered... Glad you enjoyed it.... :) :)

I did your 'Old Barn' gradient late last night... It's brilliant, mate... Obviously I forgot to hit 'post comment'.... Rats!!!! All the colours of the gradient fell so perfectly... Thanks for sharing this technique... It really makes for some extraordinary creations.... :) :)) :)))


Very different, Sally, cute kaleido, love the gradient, Thanks Mate. :):)

Agree with the mosaic look, 2d7c. This is very pretty and has every possible color I think.


The gradient is a great effect here. Thanks much :))))


G'day colonial cousin... A gradient is just a colour overlay that gives an interesting effect to any image.... Glad you had fun with it.... Thanks, Edie.... :) :)


Love the colours and the pattern here Sally. Don't know much about kaleido terminology so gradients is not in it but it looks a little like mosaics to me. Other than that no need to translate for me as we're both from the 'colonies' and speak the Queen's English. LOL . Really fun. Thanks


You are so welcome, Kirsten.... We do love our kaleidoscopes..... Thanks, mate.... :) :)) :)))


I'm honored/honoured dear one.... I'm savoring/savouring the moment.... If you were my neighbor/neighbour you wood/would be one of my favorites/fovourites.... I won't belabor/belabour the point, I'll just go away and play my tamborine/tambourine.... Please disregard the ringing in you/your ears.... :) :)


Great colours and textures, Sally! Thanks very much. :)))


Great fun! Has a definite hint of Mexican flavor/flavour. This was great fun to solve. Thanks, dear one!