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Well, I am so "seasoned" I must be ready to serve! LOL




Hester...I prefer "seasoned" to "old". Hah!


like92115, thanks so much. I'm having a happy chortle to myself over that old gem! Hester :-))


Like92115 - OMG - THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!

As we drank our morning coffee - Hubby and I listened to this. You must stop whatever you're doing and go to this link! Man oh man was that funny!!!

Thanks so much to Pat - who thought of it and Like92115 - who found it!


Her fiestyfreddy. Here's a link for Bob Newhart's skit:


Don't you really wish you knew what they were doing, for sure?

Well, your captions certainly gave us a lot of viewpoints! And every single one of them was a keeper!
Thanks so much to the contributors:
Graciela, Sandhill25252, Bethamus, JC, Pat, Francine, BonnieJack, Like92115, Hester, Healer, Angelbender, RebeccaB and ShutterShutter!


With 2 teaspoons of oregano and some basil this grass is edible and the humans won't even notice...


Well?? Were we sucessful? Does the GMO straw taste like chocolate??

"...If you don't eat enough fiber you will really have some big problems!"


Way back in the time of the ancient ones, lived a great medicine ape, who's name was "Straw in his Mouth". It was the time of the plague, brought to us by a neighboring tribe, who wanted our land. Straw in the Mouth saved our tribe from the sickness, and our lands. I pass this on to pass this on when you are of age.


Pat,I used to have a cassette (oh, sooo old fashioned! ) of Bob Newhart with that sketch. Howlingly funny! thanks for the memories. :-DD

Caption: Basically kids, never,ever, try to build a nest up the exhaust pipe of a Humvee. 'Specially when someone's gunning the engine...


First you go down to the tree and cut left. Now you your going deep. The rest of block. On three.... Break!


He's just a hayseed ol' ape, but he spins great yarns to the young'ens.


He definitely has their rapt attention.


This reminds me of the Bob Newhart comedy act, where he would pretend to speak on the phone to someone--in this case, to Sir Walter Raleigh. It was about tobacco, and he said something like--"You found something great over there? Really? Okay, I'm listening--yeah, you take these big leaves, okay, I'm with you so far, Wally; and you roll them up, okay, and then what--and then you stick them in your mouth. Uh...okay, and then what? You set them on fire?!!!! Ha Ha Ha!


"So there I was surrounded in the jungle by 2 or was it 3 humans. And I almost got away when out of nowhere I was attacked and stabbed in the rear flank. Next thing I know, I woke up here.
And how I met your mother was another interesting story..."


"OK, guys, here's the plan. You two little ones make a distraction. Then the rest of us will take that banana truck!"

does anybody have any flint ?


Yes! it tastes really good!! want to try some?