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Semi-Hemi-Demi Mailboxes (Smaller)

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I've been waiting to post this until it seemed appropriate--and it finally is! Thanks, Lela! :-D


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I was rather late arriving today. Hopefully any falling mail has already fallen and apparently the rain has come come and gone as there is a rainbow. : )


Fun one Pat. Glad to see you posting. Thanks. This might explain the wet junk mail in my box this morning.


Love these hand painted puzzles thanks :~))


Good puzzle Pat. I was really slooow.... I think I need another cup of coffee.


The main thing is that the mail has been delivered........
(I have placed a soft cushion on your head)...........


Ah, I'm glad that they came in handy, Lela....unfortunately, the lower level ones have no bottom, and the upper level ones have no top (hence the title of the puzzle), so some mail may fall through and other mail may get wet or full of leaves, but I'm sure that you will find that that is still acceptable to the Bonga Bonga postal code............ I do hope you're wearing soft slippers, though......

Hi, Ardy--have a great time with Barb--wish I could join you! :-)))))


Hi Pat, Thanks for providing all these mailboxes. It leaves the rest of them safe for all the rest of us. I'm currently enjoying Toronto. Meeting Barb (Tigress) for lunch today. Hope it's a good day for you.


Oh, I see.......Well, my companion and I have now filled these boxes to the brim.....


I would have thought that you, of all people, would have known why it was appropriate--just saw you own new puzzle, so the timing was right! LOL!


Do my eyes deceive me?......Can it really be?......And why is it appropriate?.......So many questions......