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Wieliczka Salt Mine #3

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Wieliczka is a small town of close to 20,000 inhabitants. It was founded in the 12th Century by a local Duke to mine the rich deposits of Salt that lie beneath. Until 1996 it did just that but the generations of miners did more than just extract. They left behind them a breathtaking record of their time underground in the shape of statues of mythic, Historical and Religious figures. They even created their own chapels in which to pray. Perhaps their most astonishing legacy is the huge Cathedral they left for posterity.
( I have more of these picture if you all are interested. Please tell me.)


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Thanks you so much Shaatnez for your dear comment. I am delighted that you enjoyed the series so much!


Hi Mipahillo, This has been the most awesome series of pictures! Thank you so much.
I read on Wiki that the mine was closed in 1996 due to low salt prices and some flooding
in the mine. I certainly pray this will never affect the area we have seen, thanks to you.


You are so welcome Sachi, there are a few more that I will post in the next few days.


I will introduce this place to my friend, who often travels foreign countries. She must not know it. I enjoyed this series very much. Thank you for sharing, Mimi.


Thanks Michelle, that is so interesting about your dad. What a great experience!


Hanne, what a wonderful tale! So magical and mystical to accompany this eye-opening series that Mimi has showcased for us.

Thank you so much, Mimi...I am now just getting around to looking at some of my favourites and these are riveting! My dad went to these mines when he was on a tour with his singing group several years ago and I wish that he had thought to take such beautiful photos...


Thanks Jacques, Shirley, Laura and BJ!

Hanne that is a wonderful story. I love it and thank you so much for adding to the wonder of this series. I put 2 more on this AM and will put 2 more on this afternoon. I love how we Jigidiers enhance each others puzzles with funny comments, or stories or just lovely things to say! I am so thankful to have found such great friends!


Love the story Elfie


I found out, Mimi, that most of the carving has been done while Poland had a union with Lithauen from 1567-1795. This cathedral is made in the 1700's i.e. Poland has been a free country two times, the one I just mentioned and then again from 1918-1939. Allow me to tell a legend about how it started: The Hungarian princess Kinga should marry the Polish king and demanded a salt mine as a present because salt was so rare in Poland. Before she left Hungary she took off her ring and threw it into a salt mine there, and when she arrived in Poland she asked "the people" to dig a hole in the ground. So they did - right on the spot - and indeed, they found salt. And around one of the salt crystals was the princess's ring!! She is now the Guardian Angel of the mine!!


It's a wonderful room!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


All I can say!


I can only Ditto everyones comments, Thanks Mimi.


beautiful chandeliers mimi!


Thanks Pat, I will!


Post them all Mimi these are gorgeous..


So glad you like it too Ank. I'll put some on tomorrow.


Love it, yes Mimi more please. It's just amazing.


Thank you for all the great comments and I'm tickled that you want more puzzles. The whole concept just blows my mind and I think it's fun to share it. I'll put another on as soon as I'm allowed to, and there will be more tomorrow. You are a great bunch! Thanks Bentley, Angelbender, Gnt, Tex, MerryChristmas, Naoma, Sunshine, Fodus, Susan, and Bj.


This is quite a beautiful salt mine. Show me more Mimi.

so the bas relief, altars, etc were created by the miners and not craftsman? they're incredible. i would definitely enjoy seeing more pictures. thank you


Amazing history preserved. More pictures, please.

I would love to see more pictures!!!


This is wonderful, Thank you.



Wow, this is awesome! It really is breathtaking. Thanks, Mimi, for posting this along with the info.


Nice pic and thank you for the input Mimi :)

It is amazing that they were allowed to create works like this. They couldn't do it today, with OSHA, the EPA and union rules. How fortunate that the town recognized the artistic value of the mines and found ways to fund protecting them and opening the mines for the public to view and enjoy. Thank you, mimi.