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Christmas Dolls - small

48 pieces
222 solves
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Not old, dear Mo, just very smart.... :) :)


Same to you Sally! One of my favorite things to do when shopping with my mother at the big department store was to go see the Madame Alexander dolls, I have a few too but not the Christmas ones, they are adorable. Hope you and Chrissie have a Christmas that is most merry and bright! Happy New Year too! Mine will be safe as I don't go out anymore on that night, guess I'm getting old : ).


All dressed up for Christmas... I remember Story Book Dolls, but I only had a few and not a Christmas one... They were so beautiful.. Thank you Mo for these enchanting beauties.... Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Safe and Happy New Year.... :) :)


I don't have any of the Christmas ones Maxine but have a couple of other Madame Alexander's from way back. I was tempted though when making this puzzle to get one, I'm kind of partial to the little red headed one, top left. She is carrying a Lennox ornament.

I have collected some.loved this puzzle


I know what you mean yellowgal, each one is adorable in it's own way.

Charming! I was going to try & pick a favorite one but I love them all!! Merry Christmas to you *****