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CSP: Mallard Drake

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CSP is my shorthand for "Cross Street Park", a tiny park in Winchester, MA. It is no more than some land along the Aberjona River (about the size of a brook at this point) from where it crosses Washington Street to where it crosses Cross Street.

However, bounded by the railroad track and the growth along its right of way, and a short distance from the MiddleSex Fells (several square miles of woods, reservoirs and ponds), and with a small dam to create a good-sized marshy pool, it attracts a disproportionate amount of wildlife - particularly water birds.

I used to drive by it every night on the way back from work, and in the late '70s I would take my cameras on nice summer days, then stop and see what was feeding there as sunset approached.

So this was where I went to test my new camera. It's not as wild as it used to be (it's been dredged and 'landscaped' a bit, but it's still a good place to shoot.


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Mine is the Nikon Coolpix P510 - 42x zoom (24-1000mm equivalent) with sophisticated autofocus and image stabilization. It has a 16 megapixel sensor (4600x3200), and a full set of pro/am features like diopter-corrected viewfinder and a variety of exposure-control options. Plus a ton of other features like 5-7 frame/second burst mode (for those pesky chickadees and other birds which won't sit still), and 1080p video. It cost me $430 (in constant dollars, about what I paid for a long portrait lens in the '70s), and I hear people have gotten it cheaper. My sister has bought one and loves it (some of her pictures are posted here by me); another friend just bought a Fuji ultrazoom; on my recommendation, he bought the Nikon as well and in less than a week he returned the Fuji, saying the Nikon was clearly a superior camera.


I think everyone got a new camera... May I ask what kind did you get...




very good set dondi


Thank you for sharing this great picture and some history on the pond that makes a spot for wildlife
to enjoy.