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Bandit Curled Up Beside Me Last Night

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Bandit has been so distant since the puppies have invaded his home. But last night, after Bella was down for the night, he came and laid by my side of the couch were I was working on the laptop. I was completely surprised and thrilled to have him back in his normal spot right beside me!!!!! Today he is once again keeping his distance.......but last night was a pleasure!!!!!!!


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I'm so sorry, Doglover, for all your losses. As you must already know, you can't know sorrow until you know love.

Hummer, Bandit will come around. Just give him some time and extra love. He looks like a real sweetie.


Soon he'll be top cat again, he'll teach the puppies the ropes, and things will be a "new" normal again. One big happy family.


It looks like Bandit has taken a step towards forgiving you for bringing that puppy breath into his house.


Bandit has those claws ready for action if needed, puppy defense. FYI some people refer to labs as stubborn but I like a more positive word determined. Bella was determined to get a drink from the puddle.


It was Puzzaddled that left the comment that I was referring to below.....


He does seem to be coming around just a tad. He was AWOL all day today, not sure exactly where he stashes himself....he has several undiscoverable spots LOL One place is in the bed box springs LOL Not an easy place to locate him LOL The china cabinet is another and under the sheets will also suffice. Since we are remodeling, the poor house is completely out of order.....nothing in place where it should be......which allows even more places to hide. The kitchen cabinet doors are still off and the old drawers are scattered around here and there. Boxes with breakable things and pots and pans are every where. A perfect jungle for a kitty cat to take refuge in from the puppy breath. I know he, like I, will be glad to get the house back in order, but all construction has come to a halt until the missing cabinet parts arrive. Home Depot did an awful job with our cabinet order. I will most likely be hitting their FaceBook page and letting off some steam there. Hopefully tomorrow we will get a response from them and I won't need to do that.

Angelbender, the truck driver was again a no not sure what to think about that :-(

Pumpkinhead, do you really think Bandit will come around? We had a little rat terrier a couple of years ago, but lost him to cancer when he was 13. Bandit did seem to enjoy giving Buddy a hard time. We would often hear a little whine and Bandit would have Buddy blocked from coming into or either out of a room LOL LOL LOL They really got along very very well though :-)

Doglover, the wonderful memories will remain and your love for them will remain. You can take comfort in knowing that they thrived on your love and care!!!! You made each of their lives a much better one. Please don't close that loving heart of yours off as there are many of God's creatures, both human and animals, that need you!!!! I know what it is to loose something you love. I will have to go back through the comments left over the past few days, but someone made a wise comment when they said something to the effect..."Healing can not begin until you start loving again". A lot of truth in that!!!! I will indeed find who said that and give them credit in just a short bit.

Blessings await you when you feel you are ready :-) Until then, may God hold you tight!!!!!

Gemestone :-)


Oh, doglover, so sorry for your loss and your sadness. Blessings.


Your Bandit looks like my Heidi - black and white. Before I lost my dog last June Heidi and Coeur would chase each other around the house. Heidi would stop, turn, then swat him in the face and Coeur would act like he was going to stomp on her. All playful. After Coeur died Heidi kept running around the house trying to find him and would come out with the most mournful cries. As much as one thought they hated each other, she really misses him almost as much as I do. By the way, Coeur had just turned 8 five days before he died. It was very sudden, and the doctors think it was a blood clot to the heart. He was my late husband's dog (Heidi was his, too), and I only lost my husband three years ago, and it was like losing another part of him.


A little at a time, he'll adjust!

He believes the end is near!