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Birds Eye TV Turkey Dinner

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Thanks for the comments. Mom served food at the table, not much to eat as she was short on money as my father passed away at my early age. She was living on his military pension which was not much. I learned that if I did not eat what was on the table, I didn't eat at all..


I grew up with Swanson's and home-cooked meals. Loved fried chicken, mashed potatoes and other sides. Sometimes the 'fake' food tastes better in my opinion. I mostly eat healthy home-cooked meals with an occasional KFC or Burger King. Thanks for puzzle ;)


fodus: I don't think it's the best way at all. I grew up eating that way because I had no choice--sit at the table until you're done; if too many hours go by and it's your bedtime, expect the cold leftover meal for breakfast.

My children and my husband and I had a collaborative relationship, where we discussed what we liked and didn't like, and made reasonable attempts to include foods that appealed to everyone--or, at least, the option for a child to eat a simply prepared and nutritious alternative, or an extra helping of the dish they liked instead of an enforced helping of every single thing I put on the table. When you have a preference for one meat or vegetable over another, or one style of preparation over another, no one accuses you of expecting someone to "cater to an individual who decides to be different". People respect an adult's tastes in food, and don't claim that the adults have those likes and dislikes just because they want to be difficult! Why claim that about a child? Why not respect their tastes as well?

Yes, some children will want to use food as a test of wills, but to assume that every time a child indicates that she or he would really rather eat something else, that that child is simply testing boundaries and not expressing an honest opinion and needs to be put in her/his place, is not a sound way of handling natural and real differences in appetite and taste.

I'm not a restaurant, either, but I am someone who wanted my children to look forward to dinner, for our meals to be sources of pleasure and not battlefields. It really takes so little to cooperate with them instead of enforcing rigid, unbending rules...


pdevredis: I grew up eating what was put before me and still do. I think that is the best way. Then, you are not catering to an individual who decides to be different. As I told the grandkids, I am not a restaurant.


Yes Pat and Pat... they were not really tasty, but was fun to eat these in the living room in front of the TV.
And most of all no dishes to wash.


I loved these, because they were a special treat and I could pick what I wanted to eat, which didn't have to be whatever anyone else was having! Such a special thing when the rules were to eat whatever was put in front of you, and finish it all, whether you were in the mood for that food or not......


I don't think my mother ever served these ... she enjoyed cooking ...


This is why we all learned to cook. The TV dinners are a lot better now. When Mom did not want to cook she served these TV dinners.


I think we had Swanson's when we were small, but once I could cook on my own, never went back to these. Thanks BJ.