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Official Wedding Photos of Harry and Meghan Wedding

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with (left-to-right): Back row: Master Brian Mulroney, Miss Remi Litt, Miss Rylan Litt, Master Jasper Dyer, His Royal Highness Prince George, Miss Ivy Mulroney, Master John Mulroney. Front row: Miss Zalie Warren, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte, Miss Florence van Cutsem


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But Irene I always behave well most of the time anyway. Can you see me sticking my tongue out. ? LOL!!!
Oh, Sbwilner (Sherry) I never get upset with our jigidi friends nice to see you on board.


Thank you Sherry and RaynaGrace, I am so pleased you enjoyed these photos.

Clive, behave. ☺

CJ, I have no idea what I was upset about, apologize if I was inappropriate...would have been silly...sorry...Sherry :)))

The two oldest children (twin boys) and their sister, who all walked down the aisle, are Ben Mulroney's children...Brian Mulroney's (former Canadian prime minister) grandchildren. Ben and his wife are good friends with Harry and Meghan. Love that there is a Canadian connection as well...


Irene I know you cannot see me but I am on the left of that picture on the left of the picture that you cannot see. The children do not know at present what will become of them but they will have many memories to enjoy in the future.
Hi Sherry sorry to upset you in Jumble's earlier puzzle.
My commiserations I was out of control. LOL!!!


Beautiful wedding photo. Thanks.

Thank you so much jumble, this is the picture I really wanted to see blown up to see their's beautiful, and the children were so good, as was the oldest one who ended up being the herder of the little ones...again, thank you very much!!! ...Sherry :)))

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