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National Banana Cream Pie Day is unofficially observed in the United States on March 2nd.

People have been making pies filled with cream, pudding, and custard since the medieval times. Similar inventions from that era include Napoleons, cream puffs, and ├ęclairs. Bananas arrived in the United States in the 1880s and by the early 1900s banana recipes appeared in every major cookbook as bananas became more readily available to most family kitchens and were incorporated into traditional custard pie recipes. One of the possible oldest recipes for a banana cream pie dates to 1906.

Traditional banana cream pie recipes call for a crust made out of graham crackers or pastry dough; a layer of sliced bananas; a custard filling made with eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla; and a topping of whipped cream or meringue. Common embellishments include pecans or drizzles of chocolate and caramel.

Another testament to the popularity of the banana cream pie is its ranking as the number one favourite dessert among the U.S. troops in the early 1950s.

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Thank you so much for stopping to let me know you're enjoying my puzzles Babchi... marking the calendar sound like an excellent plan. Mandy :~)


You're right! Who knew? i'll have to celebrate banana cream pie day next year. i must mark my calendar so i wont miss it again. love your puzzles and your creativity1


Welcome lillyjean - I'm happy that you have enjoyed the fruits of my labour!! I'm in the UK, where we also eat lots of bananas - and when I get the chance I do add cream!! I'm pleased you've discovered Jigidi too... and look forward to seeing you around. Mandy ;~)


Wendy, I try to make sure I provide a balanced diet in my Who Knew puzzles!!! I'm happy you feel this puzzle met that criteria! Thanks for letting me know :~)

All that beautiful baking, you must have been busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am from N.Z. and Kiwis are one of the biggest consumers of bananas. I don't think many of us add all the lashings of cream yum yum. Thanks for the tempting puzzle.


Oh, finally! A healthy dessert to go with the "Let's All Eat Right Day" you posted five days ago. LOL!


Nuts are always a good choice... thanks PJ :~)


Oh Mandy - I'm fine - found a mix of nuts instead :-)))
Looking forward to your next "Day"...


Thanks whatnauts - I love bananas too and preferably ones that have a slight tinge of green on their skin when I open them!!


Although these creations look wonderful and yummy, I'm not a fan of banana cream pie. I prefer my bananas 'straight up'. Thanks for another fun puzzle, monza.


Oh PJ, it must be hard when you've experienced the pleasure and no longer live where they are available... maybe you can manage to rustle up some banana custard instead!! Thanks for popping in :~)


Oh Mandy - now I crave for American pies, and I love the banana ones too. Your selection of images is great - our fridge is much too 'health sensible' to fit my craving .... :-)))


Thanks Katie and Rosie - I hope you both enjoy today!


Thanks, Mandy, for another great puzzle. I think any one of those fab banana cream creations pictured would be wonderful but it's breakfast time here and, even though I advocate eating desert first before any meal if you want, I want steak and eggs or some yogurt creation for breakfast. But I do love a good banana cream pie.


Oooh - yummy! This is another delicious day Mandy! The one at top center looks most delicious with the banana cream on top of the thick layer of dark chocolate!!!


Morning Edie - all the non banana likers are coming out today!! Lemon or chocolate are always good, thanks for stopping by :~)


Thanks Hanne - I hope you enjoy your day :~)


Have to side with Barb on this one. Not a big fan of bananas and never tasted the pie. Lemon or chocolate and I'll be there. Aside from that I did enjoy the puzzle. Thanks Mandy


It sounds just too great!!! Ohhh yummy!! What a day!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


I expect there is a special banana split day sometime Lucy - I just haven't come across it yet... nice to see you today :~)


But where is the banana split. THat i can go for .


LOL - thanks Pat :~)


You have me drooling all over the place... Thanks Mandy


Thanks Barb - Lemon meringue pie is one of my favourite pies.... but probably even less healthy than this one. I'm pleased you enjoyed looking!!


Goodness Ardy - that must be awful!! I love bananas, although I hate anything with banana flavouring. I'm sure there are lots of people who will enjoy it for you (and for me!) - nice to see you today :~)


Oh dear, one of the very few fruits which I don't care for. Now if this had been lemon meringue pie day I would jump on the band wagon. LOL
Thanks for another Who Knew puzzle, Mandy. Always enjoy reading the history and seeing your images. :-)


Wonderful, Mandy. But I won't be trying it today or ever. Sugar is a big "no,no" and I can't digest bananas. They make me so sick - even just the flavoring. Hope the others will enjoy it for me.


Good morning Magda,
Please let me know when you try it, as I've never tasted it, and it sounds lovely :~)


Must be good for weight-watchers!! I will try it.