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St Saphorin Lake Geneva Switzerland

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good morning Lee thanks, glad you like it

Lovely scene...thanks.


it just seems such a long draggy affair. We are just about desperate to get the goat back into its own field as it is so badly behaved but it has to stay here in its winter quarters until the weather gets warmer and less windy


I'm glad you're not affected by the weather June. When you hear people saying March shouldn't be like this with all the snow I have to laugh because I remember as a child snowy winters with frozen feet. The weather didn't change till well into April...Sue


Hi dblay thank you glad you enjoyed it, I like Swiss scenery too, lovely country.
Hi Sue where I am I think the weather is much like yours but windy, just a few miles away it is bad, lots of accidents last night. Jen's partner is a paramedic on nights I am hoping it wasn't too horrendous for him


Hi June, how are you doing? I watched Sky news this morning and it sounds like you're all having a bad time with the snow and the power cuts in Cumbria. We've had a sprinkling this morning but it didn't settle, it's just cold, dull and damp at the moment. Anyway hope you're ok...Sue


Beautiful picture. I love anything Switzerland and this is very nice. Thanks.


yes it is surrounded by vinyards but I avoided using them, they were a bit boring


Beautiful scene!! Looks like a vineyard on the right. Must be the grapes for that St. Saphorin wine!! Thanks for another great trip June!! :)))
(time, 4:52)