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The true story about me being questioned by the police!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013, began like any other day. OK, I'll skip to the good part.
I dropped Susan off at church for her bell practice at 2:45pm, then I went walking around taking pictures of neat houses, this unusual column, fruit trees, sidewalks and flowers.
About 30 minutes later, TWO police cruisers pulled up and one of the officers asked me what I was doing. I told him taking pictures. Then he told me that they had received SEVERAL CALLS about someone with a camera acting suspiciously and were sent to check.
I'm sorry. I burst out laughing!
I told him that I had taken up photography as a hobby about ten months ago and had been waiting for this moment.
He told me that there were no laws against taking pictures on such a beautiful spring day and they left!
That's it. No big drama!
I walked back to the church and told all the bell ringers my story and several other photographers were surprised that it hadn't happened to them with all the crazy positions they had gotten into, including lying in the road, trying to get their shots!
When I told Susan, she reminded me of when I took a lot of pictures of beautiful buildings in Galena, KS. She said, "Do you realize that you just took pictures of 2 banks and the police station?" I quit taking pictures at that moment and we went and had lunch!
So now I have decided to take a photography class and learn how not to act suspiciously taking photos.


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Thanks, mariolyn! LOL!


A 9 star story. This column is worth your bravery.


Thanks for the funny story :-)


LOL! Love your story!


Funny story JC. All you photographers, stay safe out there. There's a neighborhood watch behind every door.


Neat picture JC. And a wonderful story!!


Just don't get too close to houses. I hear banks and water supply sources are to be avoided, too. Ridiculous, but I do understand.
JC - you can take all the pictures you want of our houses! Keep it up!!!!
(I would have been quite frightened!)


Isn't it odd that we are out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine doing something we love and others don't understand it? It's not like it's rocket science! LOL!


LOL I have feared that many times. One man quickly paced down his driveway to ask me what I was doing. I was taking a pic of an old building across from his house. He did not smile the whole time he was questioning me. I finally wrote down the jigidi website for him and told him to look on the 'chickiemama' profile to see the pics. He walked away satisifies, but still never smiled. I was askeered. LOL


Oh my Jim I have thought of that many times ... So maybe I had better do the same...


True, Barb!

Neighborhood Watch at work!