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Beginning to feel Festive????

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Kirsten, I feel exactly the same way.... !!!


La, la, la, la! I'm not listening! I refuse to acknowledge that Christmas is so close, Mandy. How did that happen?* Where did this year go?* LOL

* Rhetorical questions. :-DDD


Thanks whatnauts, and you are so right.

Jan, I don't like that the stores put Christmas stock in quite so early... but it's lovely to hear you enjoyed these patterns, thankyou.

Jawz - thankyou for stopping to comment, its always nice to know when people have visited and enjoyed what they saw. In fact, even though I don't often have time to solve your puzzling puzzles, I often admire them and must remember to let you know!!!


I really like this one..Thanks!!!


The stores have been celebrating Christmas since October! This is not a bit early, especially when it is so pretty. Love the patterns - all different and all with the same feel. Nice one, Mandy! Thanks so much.


Christmas will be here before you know it. Thanks for the puzzle.


Thankyou PJ, I'm glad you enjoyed the colours - I wondered if they were too Christmassy... but then decided it was close enough!!! Scarily!!! :~))


What a tasteful and delightful design. Love the colors.


Wendy, I'm so glad your roof is mended!!! Snow may be beautiful... but it never seems to learn where not to go!!! Glad you liked this one, thanks :~)


It's Christmas time! This is a great design, Mandy....and right now it's snowing outside. Well, I suppose I didn't have to mention that it's outside. But when we had holes in our roof at one time, it could have been snowing inside as well.