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Snow on Camel

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A statue on Lonsdale Ave in North Vancouver, Canada
I took this picture yesterday.

The Lady
Artist: Myfanwy MacLeod

In the March 1, 1882 edition of a B.C. newspaper, a notice appeared advertising the sale of 25 camels at a low price to use as pack animals on the Gold Rush routes.
The camels proved completely unsuitable and were put out to pasture where some managed to escape into the wilds of British Columbia. The last sighting of a ferel camel in the province was recorded in the 1930s.
This is a monument to 'The Lady' the last known surviving captive camel who died in 1896.

info from a plaque near the statue
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Thank you for your note Dave. That sounds like fun ! On some farms here in BC they have very cute alpacas ... but no camels. : )


Interesting Cathy. At our city fairgrounds there is a year around horse and pony ride. A few years ago they added about 6 or 8 camels to the mix! Attention grabbing and popular for the kids of all ages.


Hi arPie. Thank you for your note. I will check out the link you included. : )

Fascinating! How could they have ever thought camels would adapt to that sort of climate and terrain! It's truly remarkable that some apparently did for a few decades. Texas has a camel story, too: but there, the climate seemed much more suitable, at least. Llamas might have done better in Canada.


Thank you Sandrine. I'm glad you enjoyed that bit of history. : )

Thank you Ellen. Now you have a Trivia answer that few others know. : )

Thank you Lorna. She looked much happier on Canada Day with the Canadian t-shirt and the red and white balloons! : )


I bet The Lady would prefer sun to snow!


One does not think of camels in Canada! Thanks.


Wow, what a story, I had no idea. Thanks for that Cevas.

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