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Sometimes I'm just a normal dog.

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Hi Mimi, that's why I posted this photo. Her face is becoming grey now, and now you can see the expression so much more. A black dog is always difficult for a good photo.


I love this picture especially because I can see her face so well. She is sooooo adorable!


Thanks girls, Micky and I love your sweet and funny comments.


Micky, you are everything, playful, funny, cheeky, clever, loyal and the list goes on but most of all you are adorable and loved by everyone, Thank you, Ank.


Never is she normal :)


I think Mickey just paused long enough for this picture to be taken, then went back to her super-dog activities. She just wanted to make us think she was normal.


Hi Miek, Elina, Cathy and Jan. Yes she smiles, she often does and she can look sweet, angry, sad, just human. I'm glad we love Micky. And girls do you see Miek, Do you see the agreement in the name? Miek is Henks sister, and Henk gave Micky her name. Who is normal sis?
Elina, ik kijk daar morgen even naar, nu ga ik mijn kleine spookje uitlaten. Weltrusten


Precious, as always!


There is nothing "normal" about Micky. She is always the cutest thing and does so many interesting things. Thanks, Ank!


Yes, I think Elfie is right ! Micky is smiling!! Thank you Ank.


leuk Ank, Ja je hebt gelijk....ze is een fotomodel in een hondenvachtje.
Nog even over die link die Elfie op deze site heeft gezet. Dit filmpje werd opgenomen in Dordrecht.
Zie informatie op deze link..

What is normal,and who is normal.....nice weekend.....


WOW Hanne, I did not know what I saw. You must do something to get attention. It's spectacular. Thanks.


Aaaank?? Have you seen this one??


Thanks Sis and Hanne, I think you do understand why I love here. Sis I hope it's not much. We are waiting for the snow, I think we don't have to wait long. So nice, I just had everything clean. So as soon as it start I will look at it, knowing that we see the same. lol


Such a sweet smile!! Thanks so very much Micky and Ank!!


Micky is such a cutie... Thanks Sis ... Hugs ...It's snowing here...


Thanks friends, Micky and I are very happy with your sweet comments.


Big hug for your Micky!


Micky, if being the cutest dog is normal, than you are normal. I think you are uncommonly fine. Thanks, Ank, for another delightful picture of this sweetie.


Hi girls. Funny, she really has a tail. Pity it's low now. Normaly she has it as a woollen pumpkin on her back. I will see or I can find a better photo of it.
Micky sends you kisses for your sweet remarks.


Of course you are a normal dog Micky. It is just that you are an exceptionally cute and talented one.


Hi Micky:-) You know Ank I have never seen her tail before, either sitting in the washing machine,
a vase, tractor etc. Its sooooo cute:-)) Have a lovely day


AAAAWWWW! He looks so dashing standing there like that!


Goodmorning too and I wish you a beautiful day.


Good morning Ank, somehow, I have a lot of catch up and pass all the puzzles and read the comment and has to answer. Small Micky - great princess, I thank you and wish you both a good day.


Good night Trudy. I will miss you too. I hope you will have a nice trip. Make fun.


Going on a little trip next week... I'll miss all of you and your puzzles, but I'll be back soon. Trudy