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Just found this moth - 2 1/4" long.

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Yes it did nicco, we met her ship and went for a tour, thanks.


Oh my! I have a phobia of moths and butterflies, so doing this puzzle was therapy for me! I hope your meeting with your jigidi freind went well.


PKH yes, should be fun!
PG I did feel bad about calling you mates idiots..........for about 10 seconds! Of course you can have it 1-809-CALL-ROBBIE and you can call any time you want!
OK Marilyn, looking forward to it, Nadine is turning towards the north now so should be fine.
Hi PK, I'm so sorry about that, if they went to Nassau then she really did not have much time on any land! Next time we will make sure to make arrangements. Going to your puzzle now, thanks.


Robbie just to update the G-daughter she left Freeport tuesday and went to Nassau for a day. Back home now got in last night. She got sick on the boat poor kid. Shes ok now and back to work today. She had a good time and said she would love to do it again. I don't know if you seen it I posted a picture of her in Freeport. Thanks for all concern. Pat


Robbie, looking forward to meeting you and Jenny Wednesday at 1:15
I'll be wearing blue and we both have white/grey hair.
I'm missing Jigidi already. Withdrawal symptoms setting in. Aaaagh...


Robbie how can you say such things about your bros? You are in the same time zone as me and I would not and could not stay up late to call you. I could have a friend in Bangkok call if you like it would be no trouble for him. Just whisper your number to me and I would not tell a soul. Promise, Scouts honor really.


Oh! Fun! Fun! Meeting a jigidi buddy!!!! :)


Thanks Ank.
Checked them out PKH, thanks.
Hi Marilyn, I sure hope the weather is better than this week. Hopefully Nadine is going to turn later tonight or tomorrow and go north. It is 3 mph under a hurricane, so will be one soon. You should be ok if it turns soon, there are no more disturbances on the board right now.
How does this sound. Jenny and I could meet you at about 1.15pm in Dockyard and take you driving down south shore where the nice beaches are and show you some of the other sights. We can play it by ear when to get you back. There is a car park on the other side of the boat slip near the block and clock tower where the shops are. We will meet you there. There is a pharmacy on the other side of the road. It is easy to find, you will walk past where the ferries dock and Island cruise boats are, you will see big boats pulled up on the slipway and the carpark is just on the other side. We have a silver Ford Focus and I will wear my best pig T-shirt. ( Jenny rolled her eyes!) This is the only time we have, I think I mentioned that we were going to Cape Breton a few days after you leave and have quite a bit on. We look forward to meeting you both. Now if your schedule changes or you find something else you want to do, just do it and don't worry. If this sounds ok I will confirm on your e-mail after the 16th and you can reply if you have to change. Clear as mud? Have a great trip over, see you soon.


Well. Robbie....think you ought to check in on the puzzles of the triad. :)


Robbie, just printed out edocs and we dock at King's Wharf Sept 19, Wednesday, at 8:00 am
We depart the 21st, Friday at 5:00 pm
I guess it all depends on TS Nadine
I travel with another lady
Cruise email address:
My name is Marilyn


Robbie I just saw, Mimi is back


Troop carrier it is eyes! Thanks.
Hi PK and GMP, thank you.
Your light snack sounds good PG, I am sure it was delicious!
Hi Shirley, sure is and thanks.
Hi Morris, thanks. I do have a few stories about my heavy equipment jobs, will tell you sometime.
Hi mariolyn, no thanks we are on our way to Cape Breton on the 25th so will get a couple of things there, thanks for asking. Well actually you could bring a boat for me, nothing bib, about 24 feet long!!! You will be in Dockyard which is at the other end of the Island from me. However,no problem. Norwegian Star leaves NY on the 16th so you will probably be in on the morning of the 18th tuesday. Jenny works and has the car some of the time so I borrow dad's when I can. Maybe wednesday afternoon or possibly thursday morning if I can get pop's car. Will take you sightseeing and play it by ear, or just meet for a while if you have plans with others. Check your schedule first and I will check here, I will wear light grey shorts and my special pig T shirt which you can see on my cannon puzzle. If I give my number some idiot like photogent, Jacques or Robbos will call me at some ridiculous time of morning and say "Hi Rob, what's up?!" And I will say "#@$%^&!!!!!!
Hate to tell you this but another TS is heading our way due to become Hurricane Nadine soon. It is supposed to veer off, I sure hope so. Keep in touch with the cruise line. Pkin38's Gdaughter got caught out with Leslie and had less than a day here! Keep in touch and thanks, hope to see you.


Robbie, do you need anything from Calgary or NYC? How far are you from the Norwegian Star dock? How can we meet up?


Nice shot rob.


Yes eyes I make gravelax with the lower priced salmon but not with the wild caught ones. The flavor of the fresh wild caught is very mild and I do not like to waste it making gravelax.


That's one big moth Robbie, Thanks for the post.


PG - do you make gravelax? It's been years since I made that. Enjoy the salmon when you eat.


Lucky the girls did not see him it could have been a light snack to go with tea time.
Speaking of light snack I am smelling the smoker and it has a slab of salmon just sitting there waiting for me to see if it is ready for consumption but I think another 45 minutes until done.


Thank you for sharing.


Thanks Robbie


What an exquisite creature - and what a fine shot of it! Is it a moth or is it a troop carrier at that size?


Yes snooker, took me a while to help spread the wings to show more colour, thanks.
You're right Hanne, thanks!
Yes he is big Ank, the caterpillars are big and colourful too Jenny says.
No this was on my verandah BJ, I set it in a starfish plate. I'm sure some do end up in Canada with that wind! Thanks.


was this pic taken on a boat? With all the rain and wind, this guy should be into Canada by now.


That's big. And he is beautiful


So good it wasn't feet!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!

Great colors when you do the puzzle.


Hi Sindy, thanks, he looks very tired so maybe he was blown in.
I thought the same MP, tapestry is good description, thanks.
Yes and thanks PK I can't see the ship and have no transport but I guess they are in now.
Jon?.......Get a life!! ( hee-hee-hee...)
June I'm not sure if it is me, jangel or the moth......probably all three?!!
Hi Glad and thanks to you.


Good to see. Thank you.


everybody has a bete noir. this is mine


Does he sometimes remove his spots when he's way out at sea?.....


Pretty moth thanks Robbie


He certainly is big but he's so beautiful. His wings look like tapestry. Great picture - thanks.

Hmmm. Interesting! (I would guess he's a good flier, with that wing span!) Thanks for the info! S


Found it. This is a Pink Spotted Hawkmoth. Feeds on sweet potato leaves and morning glory flowers and is sometimes spotted way out at sea, it is a strong flier. We have all three here, not sure if it formed here or blew in with the storm.

Wow--Robbie--he's a beauty. Great photo. S


Wingspan about 4", that is a big moth here in Bermuda. Not sure what it is called.