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my Christmas (?) cactus

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... and two umbrella plants
You can't have too many of those here in North Vancouver.


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Thanks Rob! Nice to get your note!! Thank you also for the extra information. We can put the umbrella trees outside on a nice day but they are basically indoor plants here. The larger ones are not cheap so hearing them called 'a nuisance' was rather startling!! ... :-)


It's a pretty colour Cathy! It looks like what we call Zygocactus - my neighbour has some under her trees in a hanging basket. We grow Umbrella trees outside too - they end up about 4-5 metres tall here & get a red seed spike that the Lorikeets love. Unfortunately they spread the seeds a little too well & they can become a nuisance!


Thank you Texas! I know I don't do everything right but I'm willing to listen to and act on good advice. The results are often good!! ... :-)


Your plants are so pretty and healthy looking. Looks like you're doing everything right. Love the color of your cactus blooms. Thanks.


Thanks Suzy! I will rummage around in my pictures files. I'm sure I can find a few azalea pictures. Thank you for organizing this!!!


The long awaited Azalea War, will take place May 24-May 26. Entrants should notify pumpkinhead of their interest in submitting photos. Each entrant will be allowed 4 entries. Everyone on the site will be given 4 votes, which they can use in any way they wish. Simply post your vote on the azalea puzzle you like, and it will be recorded. The one with the most votes will be the Azalea War Winner for 2013.
If you have questions, please submit them to pumpkinhead. Thanks for your interest!


Thank you Patti! It's definitely celebrating something!!


It's beautiful, by the way!!!


Perhaps a Mother's Day cactus!


Oh good!!! Obviously our plants are dancing to the same music.


A Merry Christmas to you, Cathy! :) Mine is in bloom as well!


Oh! Our notes crossed!
Candiangel, I'm glad you read Annjax's note!
Hi Ank. Thank you for the advice you gave me about this cactus plant. I water it less often now and it is responding beautifully!!


Thanks grandmalucy! Yes, I like it too.
Thanks Candi-angel. I hope annjax's suggestions will be helpful !!
Thank you very much Jim! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!
Thank you Gladstone. Your notes are always welcome.
Thank you Denise. I don't overwater and I give them African violet liquid plant food.
Thank you Annjax for your wonderful note and the helpful hints for Candiangel.
Thank you Lorna!! ... :-)))


A beauty Cathy, and I agree with Lorna, I had a smile too.


Thank you Annjax I will try that. This is the third one I have tried , they all had blooms when I got them soon to fall off. When I gave the plants away they will bloom shortly after. I treat them like all the other house plants, but I do not have a green thumb. Think it is more of a purple shade :) I will find a place for this one, I still have hope and a better chance now, Thank you so much!


They are lovely Cathy, and your comment about the umbrella plants made me laugh!


cevas, all three look very healthy & nice. Aren't houseplants great? They cheer us when we need it most, and yours look very cheerful! Thanks for sharing their beauty..............

Candiangel---Do you let them have the Summer outside, in dappled morning sun if possible, but NO bright, hot all day sun? After a Summer of fresh air and light feeding they need exposure to a COLD snap---NOT a freeze, just a few days & nights of cold. Bring them in when a freeze is forecast. Hopefully that will do the trick. Good luck.................


Wonderful cactus cathy. Your plants look so healthy:-)


Great to see your cactus in bloom. Thanks Cathy.


Fantastic, Cathy!


So pretty, I cannot get one to bloom for me.


Great cactus plant for sure...