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,,,ᕠᕫᕡ,,, Awakening ,,,ᕠᕫᕡ,,,

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No. 1 - after a night with snowfall, I have drops of frozen water on my "hairs" and I don't want to wake up to a cold day

Pulsatilla grandis is a very rare strictly protected plant that blooms in early spring and grows in only a few localities in Europe. Those areas with a strict regime are established for its protection. At the time of flowering, this "key to open spring" grows to a height of 15 cm and its beautiful blue-violet bells adorn the spring meadow
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Marina, it's exactly as you write. Nature prepares a surprise for us and we watch in amazement what "turns out" of small hairy balls. I'm glad to have been able to share this surprise to you ♥:))


Looking at these grey hairy balls no one could imagine that they hide the lilac flowers of the following photos. Nature is amazing!


Val, thank you for your answer, I'm looking forward to your photos. You're right, sometimes it happens with fruit trees, cherries or apple trees, when it's cold days at the beginning of autumn, they probably feel like the winter has already arrived. Then sometimes came a rare warm days in November and the trees start to bloom, I have experienced it several times. In fact, they probably only need a short time for winter rest and the weather can confuse them ♥:))


Deanna no this is just a false spring for them they always flower in Spring normally at the moment they are just showing green growth, we also have some Rhodos putting out flowers too I will take a photo☺♥


Val, your show of colors of these flowers must be amazing, I would like to see them, it must be a great beauty. I love them too and I'm very surprised that they bloom in early autumn, that's very interesting. In the spring also bloomed or missed the spring growing season? ♥:))


Deanna, thank you one of my favourite flowers I have a white one, and a burgundy and the blue-violet as well, our weather has been so weird hot and cold extremes that mine are starting to grow at the beginning of Autumn, ☺♥


Suzy, I'm really glad to be able to show you this rare spring beauty. I have more photos, I will definitely bring them later and I believe you will enjoy them again. Thank you for coming to see and appreciating the beauty of these flowers ♥:))


To find such a rare plant blooming is a wonder, Deanna. Thank you for sharing this fine strong plant with us and explaining what it is. A treat for us....thank you!


Dobra, that's a nice comparison, thank you. Nature likes to repeat some "patterns" and the fact is that at first glance it is not at all clear that they are flowers, it could be a nest with small birds ♥:))


Jill, it´s right, during the saturday night was fairly heavy snowfall and frost, the sun melted the snow but on the little buds remained icy remnants. I'm so glad I was able to show you flowers that are unknown to you ♥:))


They look quite like bird babies in a nest! :-)


They really do have ice droplets on them. Fascinating plant, new to me. Thank you Deanna.


Thank you my dear friend ♥:))

Same to you, my friend. ♥♥♥


Good night Dasa, I wish you nice dreams ♥:))

Thanks Deanna and good night. ♥♥♥


Dear Dasa, I am very glad to see you and I hope to meet you in the coming days. I may occasionally not be able to come because of my responsibilities. I know it's too short a time for your leg to heal, but the time is running so fast and I believe everything will be fine. Be very careful, a sprain is sometimes worse than a fracture and it is also more painful. Take care of yourself, I look forward to our meeting, wishing you a pleasant evening and a quiet and good night ♥:))

Dear Deanna, I'm glad you took the time to please us with these beautiful photos. It is an amazing flower. Of course, I understand your job responsibilities and there is no need to apologize. I hope everything turned out to your satisfaction. Nothing new for me yet, it's still early. I am glad that you have gained new strength in nature and I look forward to another meeting. I wish you a relaxing evening. ♥♥♥


Milena, I believe you, I think at first glance, without explanation, it is not at all clear what is it, in the end it will turn into such beautiful flowers. Thank you for your nice visit, I'm glad to see you and I hope you have a nice times ♥:))


Deanna, fabulous ... thank goodness you wrote what this is about ... I wouldn't be able to recognize that.

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