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Book saver cat

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Once in a while I sort out my books for donation. Last time Grafity thought that's a great idea and came over to help. Than he diceded, that this box is already full enough and I should fill up other boxes for other people also enjoy the reading stuff. I obeyed his order...
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  1. Tropi12:33
  2. suekev1113:45
  3. Rackles13:54
  4. guwisti14:20
  5. keveekev16:02
  6. alexjfmeelker16:50
  7. CSizzle17:09
  8. almentz19:02
  9. musicelephant19:05
  10. beyondwords19:33


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I may be having deja vu, but this is MY cat supervising ME as I sort donated books to take to the library that I run at a local community center. Of course, covid put a pause to people being able to use the lounge and browse through books, so my house runneth over !! Can't wait to get back to normal, and YES WE WILL get back to
normal !!!


pretty cat and Pillars of the Earth is one of my favorites!

Maybe Grafity was just trying to save your back from heavy lifting. And you obeyed! Nice photo.

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