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June 2 is National Rotisserie Chicken Day

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"Louie’s Chicken Cafe menu is all about rotisserie chicken including 11 gourmet pita wraps, including a vegetarian pita, in small and large sizes starting at $5.59 such as Tuscan pita, Havana pita, shrimp pita and several more, each is served with one side order.
Lunch arrived at my table and looked great. The plate was filled with chunks of rotisserie chicken with a spicy sauce, roasted bell peppers, tomatoes, sauteed spinach topped with grated Jack and cheddar cheese served with a more than ample serving of rice and black beans. The chicken was tender and moist, and the beans and rice were piping hot— just what I needed to keep me going for the rest of the day."
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  1. lordmojo3:10
  2. susannea4:22
  3. Avalanche4:36
  4. yarnover5:05
  5. Mischka5:11
  6. revreb6:24
  7. timc6:30
  8. emmivaisanen6:32
  9. franylou6:59
  10. nanaonly7:34


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@yarnover Hi! :-) That's true, isn't it? Bela will eat any seafood, but turns up his nose at poultry. Unless he's hit the catnip.

Great puzzle Mischka. Thank you.
Funny how cats either prefer chicken or fish.


Yep. I'm not wild about chicken, but this is the best way to make it. My Bela doesn't care for chicken either, but he will pursue me around the table to get at the shrimp.


That looks delicious. I absolutely love rotisserie chicken! There are soooo many uses for it including making chicken and rice or noodle soup!!! This is one 'people food' that the cat loves. Any other 'people food' she turns her nose up at unless it is shrimp!

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