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"San Francisco View of California Street" - by Kinkade

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Nob Hill in San Francisco is located near Chinatown. This original became significant to Thom's career when it sold for over $100,000. See Thom and Nanette on the motorcycle with a Cal pennant (for Thom's school, Cal Berkeley) and the license plate (N is for Nanette and 5282 is their anniversary date) in the center of the painting. Merritt and Chandler's abbreviated name is featured on a sign on the left-hand side of this painting. The Nanetto sign on the right-hand side of this painting is a tribute to his wife, Nanette.


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Really nice and pretty. As always, thanks for sharing and for the comments.

I appreciate your comments, fodus and GiGi. Thanks for stopping by. Occassionally I do post larger sizes, so I'll try to remember to do so on some of the future puzzles.


I love this size.

Love the rich colors thanks. Would really like larger puzzle's if possible.