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Feather thingy!!

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Thanks Hanne and Bent for a fun puzzle.

It seems to me as if the being-of-many-feathers is bowed in reverence before joining the higher power; I love the very long feather that cascades down its back from the top of its head. Very, very cool, Bent. Thanks for sharing this, Hanne : - }}


I especially love the images on this page - It looks as if these are photos that have been edited in some way, so I wonder if I could learn to do that. Those on this page ( are also wonderful, but I know I'm not creative enough to come up with original artwork!
Is Beni your husband/partner?


It's a little difficult, but mostly he works in PaintNet. Besides he has a lot of other programmes to go with it, and that it what makes him able to show so many different pictures. Are there any of the pictures in the gallery that you especially would like to hear anything about?? It might be easier perhaps. For some time he has worked very much in layers, which gives interesting results and makes it easier to work with many "ingredients" in the same picture. Please ask, we would like to answer you as well as possible, there are no secrets in what we do!! Thanks so very much Kate!!

As usual, Jo, your imagination is amazing!! Thanks so very much, yes, it has some of the magic of the cat puzzle too!!


It looks like "Thingy" is acknowledging the mighty vortex, and trying to decide if he should enter its glory!! When you zoom in and out of the finished puzzle, it has a "special effect" on your eyes!! Cool!! Thanks Hanne, and Bent!! Far Out Puzzle!! tee-hee :) :)


I've looked up the website on the images & love his work, especially the 'manipulated' images ( I'd love to know how he does that! It's beautiful :-)