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Strange, to say the least

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Strange is good.


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You're very welcome, Aimee! :-)


Thank you soooooooo much, have marked it and am looking forward to the solve!!!!!!!


I found it...FINALLY!


Aimee, I am looking all over for it, and I can't find it! I'll look some more later on, but right now I have to respond to all the comments that I've missed.


Aimee, I'll post it today for you using my Wendy13 alias in about 3 hours. I am so chuckling at your request. :-)


Wendy, I REALLY (ohhhhh ...... if Jigidi would just let me underline) like this one, please post your "strange" puzzles that you have been hiding because I guess I have strange tastes. If you have an extra slot, could you slip this one back in with say around 200-250 pcs? Pleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeeee!!!! will ya, will ya, hu, pleeeezzzzzeeee?????? That's me begggggging. LOL
PS..... thank you ?????


Katie, aren't you the clever one! I enjoyed hearing how you plan to use the different items. Big Smile! :-)

whatnauts, yes, all the rest of the ones I made were after that one....and there was so much color that I got sort of blinded when comparing them. The one I ended up posting was soothing in comparison....but also, like I said, strange.

Judy, to h*** with my freakin' hand. Thank you for your nice words and I just peeked at your latest puzzles and see that I'll be leaving a comment on your "Floating Picnic" which I think is very cool and must have been a lot of fun to make. And yes, the comments for this one are quite entertaining. :-)


Wendy, I'm so sorry your hand is still bothering you, but I'm so glad you are still providing us with your wonderful puzzles. You touch my heart with all of your creations, so keep doing what you can to keep us from pining away for more of what only Wendy can do. This was great fun. I liked the patterns and the borders a lot. The thumbnail made it look like a cabinet displaying all your fine china to me, but I love the imaginative suggestions by the rest of your fans. Encore!


Cool puzzle. It's a wonderful effect to have the rim of each circle a bright colour and the remainder of the puzzle is basically colourless.


Fun puzzle Wendy! Let's see....I'll put some Wedgewood blue hubcaps on my silver car and add.. a turquoise steering wheel, put orange wheels on my wheel barrow and get a set of plates with red rims and soft gray flowers.


Ardy, I see that I keep missing comments. Well, in answer to your question, the first row contains all hubcaps, the second row is comprised of steering wheels, the third, colorful wheels, and the bottom row holds decorative plates. So you guessed all four correctly. I'm sorry my hand is a wreck today too. I'm glad that the two of us can agree on that. LOL


Oh, cgem! I missed your post. I'm so glad that you found it a challenge. When I solved puzzles, most of my favorites were ones that posed a challenge. :-)

Barb, well, what can I say other than thank you. And as you well know, I would be solving just about all of yours if I still solved puzzles. One of these days I may even solve one of mine. LOL


Hubcaps, steering wheels, colorful wheels or are they decorative plates on a plate rail? Delightful puzzle. I like it a lot. Thank you and sorry your hand is bad today.


Wendy, I think you make great puzzles. I love solving at least one a day and today so far, I've done 2 of yours. :-)


Barb, what the heck is going on???? YOU are the one who does amazing things with color!
I made so many different versions of this, most with lots of color, but I was never satisfied. I made them in late December and shelved them thinking I wasn't ever going to post any of them. Anyway, my hand is killing me today, so I decided....what the heck and grabbed the looniest one. LOL

This one was great mind worker, I loved it thank you Wendy.


You've come up with a couple of great puzzles this afternoon, Wendy. This one was a lot of fun to solve and I love all the different coloured whatevers .... almost look like spools of lace. So pretty! :-)