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Wobblybear Creations 1228 - (now FREE to own) - Abstract (Large)

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Here is another colourful image in one of three sizes, for you to sort out if you wish.

The set of three sizes for images began at picture Wobblybear Creations picture no. 336


Wobblybear Creations are now free if you want them for any reason - NO restrictions.

Read the FAQs (link below) for all the details/links and you can find all batch numbers currently available there as well.

1) FAQs and all (current free image) links on 'Lily' image here:

2) A backup FAQs and Dropbox links to free images of Wobblybear Creations from image 918 onwards (here):

The set of three sizes for images began at picture Wobblybear Creations picture no. 336

My Creations is an addition to 'colourful ca' images and may be used instead of ' ca ' (clipart) images, and are completely my own work, (unless otherwise stated)). Now FREE if you want any of them, see above link - you can even repost them in Jigidi to sizes you like, if you wish. There are NO restrictions.


Background information:
I wish I could draw, but I can't, but with MS Paint and some imagination, this is what I have come up with. There will be colourful, humorous and imaginative images to come. (Images took anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour (average 10 - 20 minutes - later for 5 - 15 minutes as I got faster and for more complex images (easy ones took just a minute or two)).

The new set of three images at small, medium and large began at image 336.

To see all my posted creations, click the 'most recent' tab and in the 'Search' box and type or copy in ' wobblybear creations '

& for my humorous (Chicken/Fish/Person/Other) creations type or paste in either ' wobblybear creations CFPO ' or simply ' CFPO '
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  1. JuanjoDB12:45
  2. stranj15:50
  3. abbethesieyes16:05
  4. Keighley16:59
  5. msdavis77017:08
  6. TaDah17:14
  7. selja17:32
  8. srtx518:31
  9. mojoles19:04
  10. kathyareias19:26


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Fun! Thank you!



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