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Octomom's KaleidoSwirl

64 pieces
64 solves
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Thanks so much, Deborah.


I think this one is my favorite of your really pops! Thanks Gail!


You are so fast, I can't believe it. I'd solve a lot more puzzles if I had your speed. But my lap is slow and Norton doesn't help! It's all your fault, though (wink, wink)... I'm glad I could send you to puzzle heaven. Come back down to earth now and see my new ones soon.


Okay. I know I haven't done ALL of your puzzles yet today, but I'm going to call it early and say this is my absolute favourite!! The kaleido is gorgeous and bright, and has a beautiful pattern and colours. And then there is that texture in the background that I adore so. Add to that, that green that I love, and brilliant framing. But you weren't happy with that. No, then you added that clever repeating background and a KaleidoSwirl (TM)!! I've died and gone to kaleido heaven!!! Thanks so much Gail!! :))))