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Eggs, Pears, Beans and Seeds

144 pieces
154 solves
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Thank you, whatnauts. Probably the reason it's a cool puzzle is because I refrigerated most of the items in it.


Cool puzzle and fun to put together.


Thank you so much, Karen. I looked at the pieces again, and this time I realized that it's not so much the pieces themselves that I think are beautiful but the colors. After making the majority of my puzzles with tons of bright colors, I really enjoyed how peaceful I felt with these mellowed out ones.
And yes, I agree with you about the balance and shape. I never heard of an art quilt before so I just looked it up on google. Well, thank you very much once again. There are tons of beautiful ones! I'm amazed that I was clueless that they existed.

I love this one, Wendy. Beautiful colors, balance and shapes. It would make a lovely art quilt.


Thank you very much, Jane. This is the kind of puzzle that probably won't attract a lot of solvers, but it's beautiful nonetheless. I should probably encourage people to click on "Solve" but right now I don't feel like it. I especially love the way the pieces look in this one. I created it from another puzzle of mine I made last night which I know would do much better, but I really like this one more.


Beautiful! Thanks!