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We finally got a picture of a red-wing at the feeding area, yesterday, but NOT on the feeding tray. Each time I would try, it would fly before I got the camera in position. ; )


Yes Roseheather, our weather took a drastic turn. As warm and sunny as it was last week, as cold and windy it is now. 18°F at night and this morning we had snow again. And here I thought that spring had arrived!!!
Did you take a picture of the red-winged blackbird??? :)


Nice to read that your mother is doing better. I would guess that you had some colder weather since you posted pictures of your house plants. ; )

We have some snow again this morning. The birds were in a feeding frenzy yesterday, getting prepared for the cold. They are busy at the feeder this am too. Just saw a red-bellied woodpecker and a bit earlier we had a red-winged blackbird at the fedder as well.


Kikker means frog, Roseheather. We sometimes use it as a mild term of abuse for someone who isn`t showing much feeling. It is pronounced as kicker (someone who kicks??).
We also refer to our own country as Kikkerland because it`s often cold and wet.:)))

My mother is reasonably well at the moment. Somewhat steadier on her feet again. But still can`t do much on her own, so I`m still there 4 times a day. But I`m getting used to that:))) For the last three or four years she hasn`t left her appartment on her own, because she has a bad back (worn-out) and can`t walk for more than ten or twenty meters. I have a wheelchair for her and as soon as the weather is getting fine again I`m taking her out for a walk :))))


Ah, if "hebbes" refers to something like "got it" then I would guess that the cartoonist who used the term "heebie jeebies" was corrupting the Dutch word "hebbes." As in 'got a feeling of unease.' Some of the sites I looked at had the terms jitters, and anxiety used with heebie jeebie.

Which reminds me. I saw another Dutch word, that seemed to refer to small (?) or frog, "kikker." My Dad used to call my mother kikker or kiker, he wasn't that great at spelling. I wonder if it is a term he picked up during WWII. He only got as far as Iceland, but many soldiers were there from other nations as well. Don't know why he called her that, but he would laugh and she would look annoyed or sometimes laugh, I think, maybe I am only remembering his laughter. When we went through some of my mother's things after she died, my niece wonder what that word was. My niece couldn't pronounce it, as I remembered my dad's pronounciation of it, so I told her about it. We found a small note card, to mother from dad, that had the word on it. His pronounciation of it was "Key-ker." Until Jigidi I had not seen the word elsewhere. ; )

And speaking of mothers, how is your mother now? I've been thinking of you. Can she get out or is she confined to her apartment?


You`re right Roseheather, it was very noisy. I gave them some bread:))
"Hebbes" means as much as "got it!" , referring to the pieces of bread the gulls were snatching up:))).


Thank you very much Graciela!!


I can imagine the noise at this site as your were taking the picture. Your title: "hebbes" is an interesting one.

It brought to mind a term that I remember my mother using: heebie jeebies. I had to search it, and it refers to a feeling of unease, and came from a cartoonist in the US.


They are really enjoying themselves! beautiful picture!


Had net wat brood gestrooid. Al die meeuwen doken zomaar uit het niets op, ze hebben blijkbaar altijd iemand op de uitkijk zitten:))


Geweldig wat een aktie