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For Pat, Ardy, Mandy, Jan, Mary, whatnauts, Mazda, and Kathy*

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161 solves
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For Pat, Katie, Ardy, Mandy, Jan, Mary, whatnauts, Mazda, and Kathy*


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Kathy, I'm so glad that you FINALLY found this. I think Mazda is the only one now who failed to see this one. I'm glad that you're willing to share or I'd feel guilty about not making enough to go around. ;-)


Well, as usual, I am late for the party but everybody was kind enough to leave some beauty for me!!!! If I had to choose, I would favor the bottom middle one in the foreground. But I also wouldn't mind sharing the lower left one LOL Such vibrant and refreshing colors. So much appreciated Wendy!!! Thank you for thinking about all of us my dear :-)

Sorry for my late arrival but the beauty and kindness are still there to enjoy!!!


I'm delighted that you liked it, Jan!

Thank you, plink! I'm glad you liked it too. :-)

whatnauts, well, yes, you actually make a good point. :-)


Well, it looks mauve from here - purple would be much darker :)


Thumbs up!


This was sheer fun - loved the happy colors and the design.


Thank you, whatnauts...but I don't see a mauve one. I think you're referring to the purple one though. And I'm not sure whether you got it because you were here first, or if Mandy got it since she took the top spot. LOL

On a side note, it's nice to see 7 stars...which rarely happens on my puzzles.


That is so funny, I had promised NOT to actually do any more puzzles until the weekend, and then I saw this... well, Wendy I just couldn't help myself, and whilst I was doing it I decided my favourite was the purple one.... and lo and behold whatnauts has shown up a minute earlier !!!


Oh, Wendy, these flowers are beautiful. My favourite, of course, is the mauve one, but really they are all lovely.


Great, Ardy and Mary! I'm so glad that you're both willing to share. I know that Mandy and whatnauts will 'show up' later on, but I don't know about Jan (puzzlejan), Mazda and Kathy. So maybe you can each have one anyway. LOL


So beautiful, and we're so happy to share! In fact that makes it more fun! Thanks, Wendy! You're awesome and should have included yourself in the dedication!


Thanks, Wendy. These are delightful. And many of us here on Jigidi are grown up enough to share.


Thanks so much, Daisyjune! :-)

Pat, well, I really don't like the idea of you guys having to split flowers in two, but I couldn't create enough flowers that looked good together even though they came from the same batch. I made about 30 extra last night...and I still couldn't match them up well enough....although truth be told, I was getting too tired. lol Anyway, I'm so glad you like the puzzle. :-)


Ooooooh, I love these! There's more than enough beauty here to go around, with plenty left over for the rest of the solvers as well! Beautiful, Wendy! Thanks so much!!!


Very nice!


* I apologize, I was going to make more than one puzzle so that each of you would have your own flower....but decided that sharing was a better plan. LOL!

A single flower from my Wendy13 alias is why this one came about...