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I wonder if it's comfortable to wear, even when going out... ✿✿✿
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  1. lionking7:48
  2. helios9:27
  3. jlcutright10:01
  4. janhan10:04
  5. lavenderblue10:12
  6. Zuma10:30
  7. redskinchief10:49
  8. Escherik10:50
  9. bseffrin11:41
  10. vickijs12:09


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Awww, you are so welcome Nana, and thank you for such lovely comments. "Out of the heart's abundance, the mouth doth speak"... and you speak really nice things...
I won't lose that hope Nana... xxx Robyn


Thank you for your comments which I totally agree with. With your pleasant outlook on life and the things you are doing to keep active, I am sure you will live well past 84. You have hope - never lose that - it is half the battle! Thank you for giving us some beautiful puzzles; they are much appreciated!


Hi Jaynine. I agree re the beauty, and the talent and patience and perseverance it must have taken to complete this outfit. For all we know it may have been more than one person. In the far, far back olden days, they used to sew all clothes by hand, until the first sewing machine appeared, and they had a cerain stitch they used so that seams couldn't be pulled open in a hurry. Then about 50 yrs ago a friend was wearing a dress and I said how nice it looked, and her mum said that her daughter had made it all by hand. I was really surprised that anyone would bother, but if the craft is"in you", then I guess it's not a bother. Such a pity that you missed out on this beauty in your heyday. :)
I LOVE your avatar!!! I would say that it shows what type of art you love. Old world... I'm going to have a look... :) Robyn.


This outfit is so very beautiful. It's almost unbelievable that someone could possess the amount of talent required to make it. I wonder how long it took them from start to finish. I would have loved to own this outfit when I was able to wear such an outfit.


Far too elaborate for me as well ! That term "used to" Nana. I used to as well. It brings to light the changes in our individual lives over the years. Nothing stays the same and it's just as well in many instances, and a shame in others. You are doing so well at 84. I hope I get there as well. ♥s for the oldies... ((♥♥)).. :)


Yonx, I used to sew, both by machine and hand, but I certainly never would have tackled that beautiful creation! Yes, we are fortunate to have Jigidi to show us these outfits, as well as work wonderful puzzles - at 84 yrs it is especially appreciated!


Oh I'm glad you enjoyed it Nana, and you are welcome. This is a hand made outfit. Amazing how many hand made elaborate outfits are on the net. Thanks for commenting... I love to hear peoples thoughts; ☺¸.`★•¸.`★•¸.♥ Robyn


I really liked working this very pretty puzzle. Thanks for sharing.

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