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very smart

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  1. buellgary1:33
  2. Robbos1:35
  3. gaiagirl1:45
  4. Molnika1:51
  5. jimez1:52
  6. Mladipryc1:56
  7. ejka2:02
  8. Surreal_Heidi2:04
  9. racoonstar2:07
  10. Norsos12:11


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Talk about a plumbers nightmare.


There's a concept in computer software design called "write once code".
I refers to a difficult and complex section of software that requires a lot of design work to figure out how the code needs to work. So complex that if that section needs to me be modified in the future it's simpler to remove the old code and start over and rewrite the entire section starting from scratch.

And of course a plumber maybe hired for a project based on total cost, but a plumber hired to fix something like this is going to insist on being paid by the hour...


Nastupuje nová generace instalatérů.
Přeji hezký víkend, tady zatím se ochladilo a poprchává.


Quite a few add-ons here.


I'd love to watch him attempt a repair if one pipe springs a leak. He'd just better charge by the job, not by the hour.


Me, too, Robbos.


Does this plumber consider himself a tradesman???
OR an artist.???
Think I'll hire a another.

Why this advertisement?