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☁️🐦Majestic rulers of the sky🐦☁️

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Haliaeetus albicilla - White-tailed eagle
the largest European eagle, more than 90 cm tall with a wingspan of over 2.5 m, belongs to the hawk family. This imposing bird builds large nests from branches on rocks and trees. Some young birds migrate south for the winter. In many European countries it has almost disappeared, thanks to strict protection its numbers are slowly growing, yet it is one of the critically endangered species.
... interesting thing is the eyes of these amazing birds. When you're outside, look at the sky where the plane is flying, usually at an altitude of between 10 and 11 thousand meters. And now imagine a pigeon flying next to an airplane. We see the plane as a small comma and the bird of prey sitting on our hand sees the airplane and also the pigeon ... unbelievable, what do you say?
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Suzy, thank you for coming to see the photos of birds of prey inspired by your hawk. I had to look for an information about them and some of them were new to me as well, especially about that huge black Steller's Sea eagle. My photos are very often a stimulus to find information, we are still learning. I think it's a good way to keep our brain running ♥:))


Each of these "majestic rulers" have sharp eyes, incredible speed, and grace when flying. For all of your information on each of the birds of prey, thank you, Deanna!


Robin, thank you. Your term "birdwatching" is perfect for these photos, if I was as imaginative as you, I would call the series like this, you're really good ♥:))


I enjoyed 'birdwatching' with you, and reading the interesting information about them. Thanks. :)


mother1-6, thank you for your kind message, you are right, they are beautiful birds. Your national bird is an eagle, but a different species. I'm glad to introduce you to something new ♥:))

I have never seen an Eagle like this except on TV but he is very handsome.

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