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Goofie: I just love to be out in the sun....

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... knowing F.I.S.H. will be served in a short while...

I'm sorry for all those fellow feline Jigidi-ers... desperately wanting some sunshine too.......I hope you'll get better weather soon!


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Thank you Catslave....and he really wishes this to all his Jigidi mates too!:))


Sun AND F.I.S.H.?! You really are pampered, Goofie! And so very deserving of it too. :)


Thank you tisketsmum I sure wish you all the weather you're longing for:)

Hi roseheather....I hope Goofie isn't gonna develope an identity problem ☺☺ black&white he looks like tisket and you're calling him Jimmy (for the second time♥)....but you're right...he loves HIS garden:)) ......I know you love your weather and cold very surprise there:)
I'm glad that your neighbour cat Luna is back....I'm so happy for Goofie just going out in our garden....I wouldn't have a single peaceful moment if he was out on the streets without me knowing where he would be!

He will cinderfire and he does enjoy it very much, thank you!:)


Enjoy all the sun you can get and think of us in all this white stuff. Glad your neighbor's cat showed up.


Jimmy looks so good in HIS garden. ; )

Oh, I am fine yet for a while, without sun. : ) But then you would not be surprised by that.

The little dark kitty from next door, who is also named Luna, was missing from Wednesday until this morning. So glad she is back. She had been bringing me so much joy. Her family is very, very happy to have her back as well.


Thanks Impie - we don't begrudge you your sun, we just wish we had some of our own. Enjoy :))