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Wild Potato Vine

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In dry soils, in fields or on roadsides, look for the large white morning-glory (up to three inches long and about as wide) with a reddish-purple "eye" in the center. Arising from a deep vertical root, this perennial vine with alternate leaves, entwines itself over other vegetation. The leaf-blades are thin, heart-shaped, occasionally fiddle-shaped 3 - 6 inches long. The sepals are ridged, which distinguishes it from other morning-glories.

Another distinguishing characteristic is its root. Sometimes called Man-of-the-Earth, this morning-glory has an enlarged starchy root that can be several feet long and weigh up to thirty pounds. It is said that American Indians roasted pieces of the root for food--but be wary about trying that, because the fresh root is a purgative.

Wild Potato Vine is widely distributed and blooms from May through September.

Taken Sun, Sept 22, 2013 in Litchfield, IL.


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Thanks, guys...Lovey, Pat, Morris and Warbler!


I've seen these pretty often but I had no idea about the root. Thats amazing! Thanks Laura.


Very interesting info, Laura.


Pretty very pretty ....


Wonderful find Laura. I'm glad you were camera ready to get a shot of this, and thanks for sharing it!


I had stopped to take something else and it was only when I was sitting there, really looking at the things growing along the side of the road, did I see this. It's amazing what we can see when we just slow down for a while!

Thank you, Ank, Sunny, Willy, Snooker, Lorna, Lyndee and Pumpkin!

No, Lorna, not innocent at all!


What great information you have provided us, oh wise one! Thank you for the information as well as the pretty puzzle!


It's too bad they entwine around other plants as it's a very cute flower. With a root that long, they have to be almost impossible to get rid of.


I like the photo Laura. It is an attractive flower but not so innocent then.

Interesting about the root. Lovely photo.


Thank you for the puzzle and....... the info, I love all the flowers in the world,
Willy. :-)))


"Pretty"...said with mixed feelings....LOL


A beautiful photo Laura and a beautiful flower. But I can understand you will love to kill it. That's hard with this weed.


These plants are little pests because they grow up in all my shrubs and entwine themselves throughout the plant.

You're welcome, Sandy and Jan! Thanks for stopping in.


It is beautiful! Thanks for the info too!


Laura! You are just chock full of information. Thanks for a lovely flower puzzle and the info.