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Rosferado Book Cover (Ex. Large)

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Original Image ©2019 Kyrin

This is the cover of a book I was commissioned to do in March 2019. It was an intensive creation due to the numerous items appearing on the front cover, but I'm very pleased with the end result, as we were striving to capture the main character's personality in it. Rosferado is the "wizard you have when you don't want a wizard", meaning, he thinks he's great, but he's actually quite the balls-up of a magician! It's a great read for YA, and well written.

If you like this pic, then perhaps you might support us by buying a copy from the author at (we're also both on Facebook). Thank you for enjoying it, too :)

I confirm that I made this digital art creation. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission from me. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include my name and link to the website provide (see Image Copyright link).

You can also search for this puzzle using RosferadoBookCover or Rosferado_Book_Cover
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Available sizes: 12, 70, 140, 234, 391 & 513
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Oh wow! Thank you! That brings a wonderful lift to my heart XO
It's a good book too, I got to help the author give it a last-look proofing, and then I got to help her with the sequel... now she's given me hints on book 3 lol
(and she wants me to do its cover as well lol)


That's the kind of cover that makes me want to read the book. Good puzzle. Thanks.


Beautie mate! Glad you enjoyed it a second time :-D
I've deleted the former one, sorry xo


So did this version. I can't find the old one either so not sure of my time then, but worth doing a second time.

this is amazing...congratulations!!! ... Sherry :)))


Sorry for those of you I hadn't tagged here yet. Not sure why, as I try to tag as soon as the puzzle's been made! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it all the same.
@Fruttel1 @LaurelRJones @Lipizzan @sbwilner @TIME4ME


How's that? I still have that puzzle on hold for any late replies - your score here is heaps better than before mate - 3:07:52 then! Congratulations! So happy you like it too :D Much appreciate the feedback xo


Can't remember my last score and too far back to check! I think I did better this time though.

Still a cool picture Kyrin and thank you for sharing with us lot in here.

Cheers Mate.


Well, didn't beat my old score but I enjoyed every moment of working this puzzle, thanks again Miss Kyrin!


@Toku_Floyd enjoy, and thanks :-D

You're very welcome Janclaire, hope you enjoy it again too :-D

Thank you!


Here we are @janclaire57 @LaurelRJones


Oh, thank you, sweet Kyrin, maybe I will beat my old score!


Here we are @SCazee lucky first :-)

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