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Great to see! I haven't seen any here yet, but yesterday I saw our first geese. :)

Had our first Robin Saturday. Spring is here. Had a Pileated Woodpecker in the back yard today.


Wolfwoman: Thank you for coming back and your most welcome.
No problem, here.


Gladstone - you and Bluebird are a great pair to draw to! I LOVE getting new information - especially when I am wrong! Thank you for clarifying and I apologize for correcting you without checking the facts!


Wolfwomn: I checked with Google before I said it was a red-winged blackbird.
To my knowledge we don't have red & yellow winged blackbirds. I also checked with CornellLab Ornithology and as a red-winged blackbird.
Jacki, thank you for agreeing with me.
Barb, my pleasure to post this bird.
Ardy, we still have snow but it is going.
Later this week we have +10-11 forecast.
This guy was strutting around the green like showing off.
Thank you all for stopping by and your comments.


He's is looking very haughty and regal, Floyd,
You and Jacki (bluebird42) have both featured this bird today,
Thank you. Gorgeous photo.
Is your snow all gone?


Beautiful shot of a beautiful bird, Floyd, thank you so much.... :)


bluebird42 I love getting this new information!! Thanks you so much. And yes, indeedy, it is a gorgeous bird!


Gorgeous! He's really showing off!
Cornell and Audubon both call this a red-winged blackbird. There are variations. Sometimes the yellow is white, sometimes there's almost none of yellow or white. There is an officially named Tri-colored blackbird with red and white. But I know there are common names that differ from the currently accepted scientific nominclature and that the scientists do change their minds sometimes when new studies show the last study was right, perhaps for a particular area but not for another. I've not heard of yellow winged blackbirds, but there is an official yellow-headed blackbird. I'm not from the northwest. I'm from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, so I'm no specialist on ALL blackbirds. Just sayin' what I read in the bird books and bird sites.


This is a wonderful blackbird, but..... it is actually a "red and yellow winged Blackbird". After living in the Northwest for a few years I was taught that there are blackbirds, red winged blackbirds, yellow winged blackbirds, and...... your wonderful photo of the red and yellow winged blackbirds. Thank you for sharing this - hope you got a "birdie" in your game!

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