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Summer - date of sun's earliest rise vs latest set

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Tonight is the last night at my location that the sunset is at 9:53pm / 2153h local Daylight Savings Time.

Depending on where you are, the earliest sunrise, longest day and latest sunset are not on the same day (unless you are at the Arctic Circle).

The further south you go, the more difference in the number of days between these events.

This link makes GREAT sense of why this is so:

I'll be publishing a short series about this in 4 sizes per day.
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aw shucks.


You are amazing.


LOL! I've lived on 4 continents but always was Canadian.


Born in Europe ............ but I live in the "high desert"

I was sure you were an Aussie, southern cross and all :-0


Huh I always got the impression you were in Europe.

at this time of year the sun sets in a handy dip in the mountains, only 3.3° above the horizon. At equinox it's setting at the peak at 10° and then in the winter it sets in a valley again maybe 4°. At bloody 3pm.


Sunset comes a lot earlier then prediction, when you live at the foot of an 11,000 ft high western mountain..

Fun is sitting on a small hill, and watching the Sierra shadow race across the Reno valley in just a few minutes :-))


Me too - I'm at 50°N

By a matter of seconds, this was a few days ago for me. But tomorrow it sets at 9:52 / 2152h...


Thanks Mazy, but at 40'N .......... this passed me by already :-o

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