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Momma Goose and her little one ~ Lake Morton Pic #1

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Our City has a very popular attraction ~ the "Duck Lake". There actually are Ducks, Swans, Geese, Egrets, Storks, Pelicans and other birds and water fowl.

The geese population has been dwindling at the lake. People have been stealing the eggs. The lake cameras are only on the swan nests. With the lake being blocked off for 6 weeks due to Covid-19 and restrictions, the eggs have been protected. It is a rare sight to see a Gosling. The city says this is the first time in years to see Momma Goose with her little one. They are well protected by the city. We zoom in with our cameras and keep a safe distance. At least 6 feet!!!
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How beautiful. Looks like mom is doing a good job keeping her little one safe. I am amazed to read that you have pelicans there, too! How wonderful - they are also amazing birds. It goes to show that during this time of covid when everything is protected & less pollution, nature is thriving. I with both of these beauties well!

Enjoyed! That closeup is priceless! ❤️

That is true Lilac, but how adorable!
Aw Sondra that is so sad, it infuriates me when people do things like that.
You know so many nature places, too bad we did not meet there I would have been going places with you. Thank you for this adorable Mother's Day gift! Hope you are having a HAPPY DAY!


I would not want a goose chasing after me!


It was very sweet to see the baby with mom. Mother Goose was very attentive of her little one. Papa Goose also protected the baby.


Great picture, and they are stunning. You can see the connection between in the way their bodies are with each other, and even in their eyes.

Very sweet picture, Thank you.

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