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Entrance to Maindiff Court Hospital, Abergavenny

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Abergavenny was once home to two large mental health hospitals, of which this one, the smaller, survives.

Maindiff Court was built in 1877 by the South Wales ironmaster, Crawshay Bailey II as a country house. In 1924 the estate was presented to Monmouthshire Asylum Committee becoming Maindiff Court Hospital.

Maindiff Court became a military hospital during World War II and also housed and treated POW's, the most notable being Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, who was held at Maindiff Court from June 1942 until the Nuremburg Trials at which he was sentenced to incarceration in Spandau Prison. Poor old Hess was kept here for debriefing, assessment and observation, having his own room but he was guarded by MP's (Military Police) at all times. He was allowed a high degree of freedom given his erstwhile status, often being driven about the local countryside by his redcap minders. His favourite places locally were the Sugar Loaf, White Castle and Coed y Bwnydd wooded hillfort, a beauty spot in spring. Hess also liked to speak with children and seemed glad to be out of the Nazi regime and in British hands.

Maindiff Court today comprises 4 wards, 1 day hospital and an ECT Department which lie within beautifully kept grounds. The original balustrade can be seen leading down to the day hospital.

There are several wards and departments such as Ty Skirrid, a 12-bedded ward for the Gwent-wide forensic rehabilitation service which caters for men and women who have a mental disorder and have offended or are at risk of offending and provides on-going psychiatric treatment.
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A beautiful entrance.


Thanks Denise..


Lovely entrance Phyllis and the info is great. Thanks


Nev, I'm learning with you, glad you're enjoying this walk through Wales - Phyllis


It does look nice doesn't it Luni.


Lovely with dash of snow here and there...

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