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Meadow saffron

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Highly poisonus, but also highly beautiful, these flowers are a fragile adornment of autumn.
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  1. MamaEule1:16
  2. dalelawler1:48
  3. auntmom71:49
  4. mariolyn2:04
  5. egerton2:06
  6. pumpkinhead2:12
  7. worsheep2:21
  8. Pekaji2:22
  9. SharonHen2:35
  10. Grumps2:51


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@peasterberg Same here - who knows what gang of butterfly this smell would drive to ... extreme behaviour?! 😁


Nice flowers, Celine!

One type of soft soap smells like fruit salad; NOT what I want to wash my hands in!


@pumpkinhead What a sad story - no saffron for you! I knew that a certain sort of crocus is the source for saffron, but I'd never thought you'd harvest it in fall! I thought, except for meafow saffron (which is no real crocus(, all crocusses are spring flowers! It would be interesting to know which crocus they raise on this farm.
I ike lavender in the garden, but not in food, though I know that many people do. To me it makes the food taste like soap 😜!
I hope you have a wonderful day!!


They are quite beautiful and do look very fragile.
A farm just a blink down the road from us, grows lavender and crocus for saffron (obviously not meadow saffron). I went there over the summer to pick lavender, sample foods made with culinary lavender, and returned again in the fall to help pick crocus for saffron. Much to my disappointment, the crocus were not open on the day they predicted they would, so there was no saffron to be had. Perhaps next year I can be part of the saffron harvest. (Truth be told, I hadn't known that saffron came from a magical crocus until this summer!)

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